10 Thriving Florida Annuals

Are you a resident of The Sunshine State and are looking to spruce up your garden with some beautiful flowers? If you are, you’re probably researching the best thriving Florida annuals.

10 Thriving Florida Annuals

The best annuals to grow in Florida include begonias, dahlias, marigolds, and sage. These plants are sure to add plenty of color to a garden’s aesthetic, as well as pleasing aromas.

Read on to learn more about your best options for annuals to grow in Florida.

1. Begonias


One of your best options in terms of annuals to grow in Florida is begonias. These plants come in several colors, each more vibrant than the next. You can grow pink, yellow, white, or orange begonias depending on the aesthetic you have in mind for your garden.

Another perk that comes with begonias is that they don’t need much to thrive. You’ll only need to water them once or twice a week. However, you should make sure that your begonias are getting around five hours of bright, indirect sunlight daily.

An interesting tidbit about begonias is that each color of them has a different symbological meaning.

2. Dahlias


Another annual that fares quite well in Florida are the dahlia plants. The standout feature of dahlias is their thick, emerald-green foliage that’s truly a sight to behold.

However, this plant’s beauty truly amplifies during full bloom. It produces stunning flowers in various shades of pink that are on full display from midsummer until early fall.

If you want your dahlias to thrive, you should emulate their natural habitat as much as possible. These plants are native to the mountain ranges of Central America. This means that they’re used to lots of rain and sunshine.

Therefore, provide these plants with plenty of direct sunlight and water them at least twice a week.

3. Zinnias


The preferred garden aesthetic will differ from one person to the next, and zinnias are versatile enough to cater to every preference.

These plants can come in several different colors, all of which are breathtaking. Whether you plant yellow, pink, purple, or red zinnias, you’ll have a hard time taking your eyes off them when summertime comes along and their bloom is in full swing.

The optimal conditions for healthy zinnias are lots of bright, direct sunlight and well-drained soil.

To top things off, these plants aren’t just for show. They also have medical uses as antifungals and antioxidants.

4. Marigolds


Next up on our list is marigolds.

When these plants bloom at the start of summer, they produce bright yellow and orange flowers that’ll brighten up your day when you’re having a rough go.

Additionally, having marigolds in your garden can be highly beneficial to the other plants you’re growing. This is because marigolds have strong pest-repellent qualities. They’re also highly effective in attracting bees and other pollinating insects.

All you’ll need to do for your marigolds to grow strong and healthy is plant them in an area with lots of direct sunlight and well-drained soil.

5. Snapdragons


If you’re looking to add an exotic feel to your backyard garden, snapdragons are an excellent choice.

These plants produce beautiful flowers with petals shaped like dragon mouths, hence the name. These unique flowers come in an array of colors, including different shades of purple, pink, red, yellow, and orange.

While most of the plants on this list bloom during the summer, snapdragons enter full bloom during late winter and early spring.

Make sure to provide snapdragons with plenty of direct sunlight. Also, plant them in well-drained soil. In terms of watering needs, you’ll need to water these plants once a week on average.

6. Sage


While sage will certainly add a layer of color to your garden with its beautiful purple spires, the main attraction of this plant is its scent.

The smell of sage is truly a joy for the senses. However, that same smell is intolerable to pests such as beetles and snails. This makes the presence of sage a highly beneficial one to any other plants you’re growing in your backyard.

For sage to thrive, it needs plenty of direct sunlight, which shouldn’t be an issue when you’re living in The Sunshine State. Additionally, this plant needs water once or twice each week.

7. Black-Eyed Susans

Black-Eyed Susans

Black-eyed Susans are another great choice to add brightness to your garden. These plants produce uplifting, bright yellow flowers when they bloom in the summer.

Like most of the plants on this list, black-eyed Susans grow best in well-drained soil and direct sunlight. Additionally, you’ll want to water these plants once a week.

However, you should note that black-eyed Susans are susceptible to pests. Therefore, we suggest you grow a protective companion plant such as bee balm with them.

8. Blanket Flowers


If you’re in search of a border plant to grow around your other flowers, then blanket flowers might be your best bet.

These plants bloom in the summertime, producing bright crimson, yellow-tipped flowers that’ll make your day every time you lay eyes on them.

Blanket flowers can grow in either moist or dry soil. They also need bright, direct sunlight to thrive. Also, you should water these plants once or twice per week.

9. Petunias


Petunias come in a plethora of colors, including red, yellow, white, purple, and pink. Additionally, these plants are incredibly adaptable when it comes to growing conditions.

You can grow petunias virtually anywhere in your garden, whether it be a hanging basket or a window box. This versatility is because petunias can thrive in all sorts of sunlight conditions.

However, you should note that these plants have quite intense watering needs, especially when planted in a container. In such cases, they may need watering twice a day. Also, make sure that the soil is well-drained to avoid root rot.

10. Geraniums


The final entry on our list is geraniums. These plants are great options for inexperienced growers due to their low-maintenance nature.

The fact that they don’t need much care doesn’t diminish these plants’ beauty. They produce breathtaking pink, red, or white flowers when they’re in bloom during late spring and early summer.

As for their care requirements, all geraniums need is bright, direct sunlight, and watering whenever their soil feels dry.

The Verdict

These 10 thriving Florida annuals will add a beautiful touch to your garden. While most of them are easy to care for, you should also do your research before planting any.

If you’re inexperienced, you may start with something easy like geraniums. If you’re a green thumb, why not go for those gorgeous, water-hogging petunias?