18 Different Types of Dahlias (Photos)

Dahlia Collage

Dahlias are a lovely plant that can come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. They range in color from pink and red to orange and yellow.

These flowers can be a great single flower that resembles an orchid or a double flowering bloom with pompons that are bright and colorful. Dahlia plants can range in size from a bordering plant that is only about a foot high to more than 6 feet in height, making it ideal for any garden.

Typically, dahlias are simple to maintain and care for; most varieties require very little to keep them thriving. They will tend to prefer full sun and sandy to moist, well-drained soil. Dahlias are a hardy plant that will grow best in zones eight to 11, and the summer blooms are ideal for attracting butterflies to your garden.

Some of the variations that I have found make an excellent fit for many gardens include;

1) Bora Bora

Bora Bora

The bora bora is a variation of dahlia that has spike-like petals that are coral pink in color. The center of the bloom is gold, and with full sun or slight shade, the plant can grow to be 3 feet tall. This option will grow well in zones three to seven.

2) Dutch Explosion

Dutch Explosion

The petals of this flower are very unique. They have a white center and purple tips that are positioned in a double pattern. The flower has a long stem, and the blooming period begins in July. They do well in full sun and consistently moist soil that is sheltered from the wind.

3) Henriette Dahlias

Henriette Dahlias

This is a flower that has a bloom that is salmon-pink. It can grow to be as tall as four feet, and since the tips are white, they will look as if they are shimmering in the light. This plant prefers to grow in moist soil.

4) Karma Bon Bini

Karma Bon Bini

The karma bon bini is a dahlia that has a bright bloom that is orange-red. In addition, the center of the bloom is yellow in color, which gives it a sunburst look. This plant prefers full sun, but it will also do well in partial shade. It can easily grow to be about 3 feet tall.

5) Surprise Dahlias

One of the most unique looking dahlia variations is the one called surprise. It has a peach center that fades to pink and lightens as the color reaches the tips. This plant can be found in zones three through 10, and they can also grow to be more than 4 feet in height.

6) David Howard Dahlia

David Howard Dahlia

This is a variety of dahlia that looks a lot like a zinnia. It has an apricot color to the bloom that is a bit darker in the center. The petals tend to curl near the center, but they can grow to be more than 3 feet tall.

7) Jowey Winnie Dahlias

Jowey Winnie Dahlias

This is a plant that has a bright pink aster bloom that will stand out in any outdoor space. It blooms during the summer months, and it can grow to be over 3 feet tall. The flowers do best in full sun and moist soil in zones three to seven.

8) Wizard of Oz Dahlias

Wizard of Oz Dahlias

This is another balled dahlia that has light pink petals. It can grow to be nearly three feet, and it needs soil that is moist so that it remains vibrant in your space. Towards the center of the bloom, the petals will tend to curl a bit and have a tint of yellow to them.

9) Night Butterfly Dahlias

Night Butterfly Dahlias

The night butterfly is a very stunning variety of dahlia. The petals are a dark burgundy color, and in the center of each one, there are smaller red and white blooms that make it stand out. The center is golden, so it is an excellent option for attracting butterflies.

10) The Phantom Dahlias

This is an option that can grow to be up to 40 feet tall. It will create blooms during the summer months that are pink and white with a yellow center. This plant will grow best with moist soil and full sun in zones three to seven. It can also grow to be more than 3 feet tall.

11) Moonfire Dahlia

Moonfire Dahlia

This is a beautiful plant that is great for vases. It can grow to be 3 feet tall, and the petals will be yellow with orange highlights in the center. The stamen are also yellow, and they will grow well in full sun and slightly moist soil.

12) Caballero Dahlia

Caballero Dahlia

This is a plant that has stunning broad petals that ate red in color. The edges of the petal are gold, and the blooms can be seen from July until the first frost. It has a narrow stem that can grow to be up to 4 feet high.

13) Duet Dahlias

Duet Dahlias

Grown in zones three to seven, this flower will create bi-colored blooms that are dark red with white tips. The plant prefers full sun and slightly moist soil to grow. It will do best in a location that is protected from the wind, and it can grow to be 3 feet tall.

14) Akita Dahlia

Akita Dahlia

The large, dark crimson blooms of this plant look great in any garden, especially with the white contrasting tips. These flowers will bloom best in full sun, and the soil will need to be moist throughout the growing season. It will grow in zones three to seven.

15) Bishop of Auckland Dahlias

Bishop of Auckland Dahlias

This is a variation of the plant that looks more like a daisy than the other varieties that we have looked at. The center of the bloom is dark, and the petals are a deep red color that is quite eye-catching. This plant does great in zones three to 10.

16) Chat Noir Dahlia

Chat Noir Dahlia

The chat noir is a variety of dahlia that has a sea urchin-like petal to the blooms. This plant is red, and the round bloom can grow to be up to 8 inches wide. The plant itself can grow to be 4 feet tall, and it needs full sun to thrive.

17) Karma Choc

Karma Choc

This is a plant that has a velvety petal that is dark red in color. The closer to the center the petal is, the darker it is likely to be. This plant can grow to be 3 feet tall with full sun, moderate water, and moist soil.

18) Mick’s Peppermint

Mick’s Peppermint

This flower variety is one of the most unique that we have considered. The petal is white with splashes of bright pink across each one. The petals are long and narrow, but the plant can grow to be nearly 4 feet tall, so it will look great in any garden in hardiness zones three to seven.