Tips to Prevent Hibiscus Flowers From Falling


- Advertisement - Hibiscus is a tropical flower that can produce extremely bright and colorful blooms, but recently, the blooms on some of my plants have been budding, but they fall off right before the bloom opens. I have had these plants for years, but I have never had an issue with the blooms until […]

How to Deadhead Hibiscus?

hibiscus deadhead

- Advertisement - You may have a question concerning your beautiful flowering hibiscus and how to deadhead, which means to pick off the dead blooms by hand when the plant begins to show its withering flowers. Flowers that are part of the hibiscus family include rose of Sharon and the hollyhock as well as tropical […]

The Different Varieties of Hibiscus


- Advertisement - There are over 200 different species of hibiscus plants in the world, and each variety differs in size, shape, and color. When someone refers to a hibiscus plant, it is hard to differentiate between the different varieties, but luckily, many of the species of hibiscus can be separated into two categories: tropical […]

Hibiscus Tree Care: Complete Guide on Growing Hibiscus

Hibiscus Plant

- Advertisement - Hibiscus plants are tropical beauties that will bring an exotic look to your garden. They are durable plants that can grow to be up to 15 feet in height, and the colorful blooms will attract humming birds and butterflies to your garden. Since hibiscus plants are tropical, they need a certain amount […]