Growing Hardy Hibiscus From Seed (Step by Step)

yellow Hibiscus in pot

In this article, we cover the easy steps involved in growing Hibiscus from seeds. Hibiscus seed sowing can be started from March through Mid September. If your patient you can have a variety of beautiful Hibiscus in no-time.


To start Hibiscus seeds you’ll need some small pots. We recommend 3 – 4 inches in diameter. Use pots with drainage holes so that the soil does not remain too wet to prevent root rot.

Potting Soil Mixture

For 100% germination, start with a potting mix of 90% coco peat, and 10% Organic compost. This mixture works great for Hibiscus.

Plant Seeds

After your potting soil mixture is prepared, fill your pots with potting soil and plant two seeds per pot. Plant seeds a quarter-inch deep and a few inches apart.

Once the seeds are planted in each pot, water the soil. Seeds should start to germinate in 6-10 days.

Use Transplant Tray as a Greenhouse

Store the pots in a plastic container with the lid closed. This will help the seeds germinate faster. The plastic container helps retain the moisture in the soil for a longer period, it creates an environment like a greenhouse.

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Light Requirements for Seed Germination

The closed container should be kept from the direct sun. Keep pots in a bright environment with indirect light.

Watering Seeds

It’s best to keep the soil moist at all times but not to wet as this will cause the seeds to rot. Touch the soil and if it feels dry, water. Hibiscus does best in slightly moist soil.

Move Seedlings to Bright Indirect Light

Once your plants have started and have leaves, remove the lid from the container and keep your pots in a location where it gets a bright indirect light source.

Transplant to Individual Pots

Once your seedlings are 6-8 inches tall, you can transplant them to an individual pot.


Fertilize your Hibiscus plant with diammonium phosphate fertilizer and vermicompost each year from March – September. You can fertilize your Hibiscus every 30 days to ensure maximum blooms.

For more information on growing Hibiscus check out our complete guide here.

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