Best Self-Watering Stakes for Indoor Plants (Buying Guide)

When I first began increasing the number of houseplants that I keep in my home, my friend suggested that I should get some self-watering stakes to make taking care of them easier. When she suggested this, I thought that it could be a good idea, but I had a few questions about which one of the self-watering stakes would be best for my needs.

This guide is designed to address those questions and take a look at some great options.

What are the Benefits of Using a Self-Watering Stake for Your Houseplants?

When you use a self-watering stake, there are a few ways that this object can benefit you and make your gardening experience better. These include:

  • Retain Nutrients: Since this is a closed system of watering the plants that will not allow the water to drain elsewhere, this can keep the nutrients inside of the soil better. If the nutrients end up in the overflow container, they can simply be poured back into the plant so that the nutrients are not lost.
  • Saves Water: When a plant is overwatered, the excess water is often left to evaporate over time. This tool only waters the plant when it needs it, and the excess water stays inside of the stake until it needs water again. Since the tip of the stake is surrounded by soil, this water will not evaporate.
  • Saves Time: Watering your plants can take some time to do, especially when you have a lot of them. Since they are self-watering, you will not need to worry about your plants when you go on vacation.
  • Prevent Root Rot: Since this system will only water the plant when the soil is dry, it will be a lot easier to get the water further into the soil without the water sitting around the roots. This will encourage the roots to grow, which will give you a healthier plant.

How to Choose the Best Self-Watering Stake?

So, once you have decided that you want a few self-watering stakes in your garden, you are going to need to determine how you are going to select the best option when you make your purchase. Some of the characteristics that you should consider include:

  • Material: The material that the spikes are made out of will be important for durability so that they last longer in your indoor plants. Also, you are going to want a material that is eco-friendly so that it does not contain chemicals that could harm your plant.
  • Water Flow: How much water does your plant need? Every plant is different, so it is essential to know what your plant needs and choose a self-watering stake that will be able to provide the water that it needs. Some spikes have valves that you can use to adjust the amount of water that is released into the plant so that you can make sure that the plant gets what it needs to grow.
  • Size of the Stake: Take a look at the size of the pot that your plant is in and the amount of space around the plant where the stake will be positioned. You do not want a stake that is too large that will crowd the plant, but you don’t want something that is not going to hold enough water for the plant and require you to add more water every day.

Recommended Self-Watering Stakes for Indoor Plants

Blazin’ Green and Blue Glass Plant Watering Bulbs

Blazin' Bison Automatic Irrigation Drippers Extra Large | Watering Globes for Indoor Plants | House Plant Water Bulb | Up to Two Weeks | 2pc Set (Jumbo)

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This is an excellent option for indoor plants. It is available in different sizes so that the one that you choose will accommodate your needs. Once the stake is in the soil, it will not need to be refilled or tended to for two weeks. These bulbs are made out of hand-blown glass that is very vibrant looking, which will help to add some additional beauty to your garden space.


  • These bulbs are very colorful.
  • Each one is hand-made.
  • The water lasts quite a while in the bulbs.


  • They tend to dry up in full-sun conditions.

Mushroom Terracotta Watering Globes

Mushroom Terracotta- Watering Globes - 3 Self Watering System Spikes - Automatic Plant Waterer Irrigation Drippers - Plant Watering Wands Keep Indoor Plants, Hanging Pots, Outdoor Garden Soil Moist

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These small mushrooms are colorful options that will be a great tool for watering your plants. They can hold about 260 ml of water, so they will be able to provide water to your plant for a period of five days or so. These mushrooms are made out of ceramic, so that will be more durable than some of the other options.


  • These mushrooms are very well-made.
  • These look beautiful
  • They last more than a week when the plant is in the shade.


  • The paint scratches easily

Blumat Classic Plant Watering Stakes

Blumat Classic (Jr.) Automatic Plant Watering Stakes (6 Pack)

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This is a convenient set of stakes to use that will pull the water from a bowl that sits beside the plant. The tube reaches 38 inches, so you can put it in a bowl, a bottle, or another container. If the stake is not providing the plant with enough water, place the water on a higher surface. This option is easy to set up, and it will be watering your plant within 15 minutes.


  • Setting up this plant watering stake is relatively simple.
  • Different sized containers can be used for the water source, which can be convenient for vacationing.


  • These may not work as well if the tube is bent

Plant Nanny Plastic Bottle Watering Stakes

Plant Nanny 8000 Bottle Stake

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This is a self-watering stake that is designed to be used with plastic bottles that you want to recycle. They are compatible with different sized bottles, so you can adjust the size that you need when you are away. The stake simply screws onto the top of the bottle once it’s filled with water.


  • They are easy to install.
  • They are not very noticeable in the plants.
  • It is a great way to recycle plastic bottles.


  • Not every plastic bottle will fit the adaptor.

Punchau Terracotta Plant Watering Stakes

Terracotta Plant Waterer - Perfect for Vacation Plant Watering

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The final self-watering stake is another option that utilizes water bottles in the design. These are easy to use because all you need to do is screw the watering stake onto the water bottle of your choice. This option also comes in a set of four, so you will have a stake for several plants without spending a lot. Long neck bottles tend to work best with this option.


  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • These stakes are very straightforward to use


  • The water evaporates in full-sun conditions