12 Perennial Flowers to Plant in April

The days have gotten warm, and the winter frost is almost gone. These signs tell that April is here, and it’s time to prepare your gardening tools.

As such, you’ll love our selection of 12 perennial flowers to plant in April.

Our list includes unique and enchanting flowers, like dahlias, whirling butterflies, and petunias. Moreover, you’ll also learn about quick plant care tips to allow your flowers to grow healthy.

1. Perennial Hibiscus

These flowers remind us of tropical islands and relaxing turquoise waters. Luckily, the perennial variant is easy to grow, unlike its tropical variant relative!

The perennial hibiscus’ flowerhead has large, colorful petals and a pollinator-seducing pistil that stands proud in its center. This flower thrives best in zones 5 to 9 and starts blooming from July to August.

When it comes to soil needs, the hibiscus plant can tolerate less acidic soil pH. Nonetheless, these plants love fertilizer. That’s why giving them potassium or phosphorus-rich fertilizer is best, especially during summer.

2. Chinese Bellflowers

These star-shaped flowers are native to countries like Korea and China. They’re common in vibrant purple shades, too.

Aside from their captivating appearance, these flowers are low maintenance and easy to grow. Moreover, they’re less resistant to various plant diseases.

On the other hand, Chinese bellflowers are hardy in zones 3 to 8. At the same time, planting them in soil with compost will allow them to grow well, especially during fall.

They’re also sun-loving, and giving them at least six hours of sunlight daily would be best.

3. Whirling Butterflies

If you’re a cottage-core or fairycore fan, growing whirling butterflies in your garden will give it a whimsical touch.

These flowers are notable for their white, four-petalled blooms that dangle in their thin, pink stems. That’s why their delicate flowers appear like butterflies dancing in the air!

When caring for these flowers, planting them in well-draining soil is substantial. Furthermore, they usually bloom in early summer, so extreme heat isn’t a problem.

4. Catmints

Popular for their lovely blue shades, catmints are easy-to-grow perennials that’ll surely look good in your garden.

These sun-loving perennials are hardy in zones 4 to 9 and need at least six hours of sunlight daily to promote growth.

When it comes to soil requirements, the catmint plant thrives best in moderately acidic to slightly alkaline soil. Preferably, plant them in sandy soil or loam.

5. Dark Mullein

The dark mullein is a sun-loving perennial that grows best in zones six to nine. They bloom in summer, so they’ll definitely look gorgeous in your rock garden.

Furthermore, this adorable plant is known for its spikes adorned with yellow blooms.

When it comes to height, these flowers can be as tall as three inches.

For their soil requirements, a well-draining loam or clay will allow healthy growth. They can tolerate both acidic and neutral soil pH, too.

6. Noble Maiden

This white Lupin variant is popular for its fragrant and sweet aroma; it’s no wonder why hummingbirds and pollinators are especially attracted to this plant.

Particularly, the noble maiden is a summer bloomer that can grow up to four inches in height. They have long spikes that are covered with white to cream-colored flowers.

When caring for these plants, it’s best to grow them where they can get partial shade. However, overwatering promotes root rots, so only water them when the top layer of the soil dries out.

7. Dahlias

A meaningful flower that symbolizes beauty and elegance, the dahlia’s appearance truly reflects these qualities.

These flowers from the Aster family have bright chromatic colors and bloom in various interesting shapes. Aside from that, they start flowering in mid-summer.

On the other hand, dahlias are hardy in zones 8 to 11 and love bathing in full sunlight. Despite that, don’t forget to water them at least twice a week.

8. Snapdragons

The snapdragon flower’s appearance resembles that of a dragon’s mouth; not to mention that it’s common in shades like orange and red.

Along with its striking appearance, the snapdragon is notable for being quite tall. It can grow up to 48 inches and thrive best in zones 7 to 11.

To care for this plant, planting it in an area with partial to full sunlight will allow for healthy growth. Moreover, giving them some fertilizer is essential, especially when they’re newly planted.

Even though snapdragons are generally categorized as annuals, in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 7-10, they can thrive as perennials with a brief lifespan.

9. Butterfly Bushes

This plant is a major attraction to butterflies and several pollinators due to its bright colors. It presents spikes covered with tiny clusters of pink to purple blooms.

Furthermore, the butterfly bush plant is a shrub perennial that blooms in summer. They’re hardy in zones 5 to 9.

Therefore, they love warm climates, and giving them at least six hours of sun exposure daily is essential.

Meanwhile, the major drawback of growing this plant is they get invasive.

10. Sea Pink

Sometimes called sea thrift, this plant is a ball of tiny, pink flowers supported by tall, erect stems. They’re also low-maintenance, so they require little to no care once established in your garden.

Apart from that, these plants will grow well as long they’re planted in well-draining soil and get partial to full sunlight daily. In fact, they can grow regardless of soil pH conditions.

Lastly, the sea pink plant starts blooming mid-spring and is hardy in zones 3 to 9.

11. Baptisia

This peculiar plant is remarkable for its ability to change colors throughout time.

The Lunar Eclipse variant, in particular, is an absolute stunner. This baptisia variant’s colors can change from cream to lilac and purple-blue.

To add, these beauties bloom in late spring, so they’re a hotspot for pollinators. Furthermore, they’re sun-loving and thrive well even during dry months.


When growing flowers in April, late spring and summer bloomers that are easy to grow are pretty considerable.

Our list of 12 perennial flowers to plant in April is filled with beautiful but low-maintenance flower selections. These include baptisias, dahlias, perennial hibiscuses, and sea pinks.

On the other hand, the whirling butterfly is a good choice if you want to achieve a Pinterest-worthy, fairycore garden look. Meanwhile, the show-stopping noble maiden that changes color as it ages is an excellent addition, too.