15 Breathtaking Pink Flowering Shrubs

If you are looking for a new shrub to plant at your house and love pink, there are many great choices. While almost any decision will add beauty to your environment, they are useful in many ways. Some shrubs can be useful as beautiful backdrops to your flowerbeds while others can help block your neighbor’s sight.

Before choosing your pink flowering shrub, consider these choices.



Azaleas can grow up to 5-feet tall, and each one can have a 4-foot spread. These plants like less than six hours of sun daily, and they need regular watering. They put on showy flowers in the spring, and their evergreen leaves makes this shrub attractive all year long.



Depending on the variety chosen, hydrangeas can reach up to 15-feet tall and have a 10-foot spread. They put on showy flowers in the spring that do well in cut-flower arrangements and dried. This plant prefers at least some shade and can be grown in full shade.



Hibiscus can grow up to 5-feet tall and have a 4-foot spread. This sun-loving shrub blooms in the late summer and early fall. They will help attract butterflies to your yard. If your yard has areas where water tends to stand, this may be the perfect choice for you.

Bottlebrush shrub


The mid-summer bloom on the bottlebrush shrub is spectacular with numerous spikes of flowers reaching 12-inches long on this shrub that often grows to 12-feet tall and has a 15-foot spread. This shade-loving plant that will often attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your yard is intolerant of drought conditions.

Butterfly Bush


The Butterfly Bush is a sun-loving shrub that puts on a colorful display in mid-to-late summer with its pink flowery spikes that can be up to 15-inches long. This shrub that may die back to the ground in the winter grows to be up to 7-feet tall and equally wide. When you see flowers fading, then remove them to encourage new growth, and it will keep blooming until after the first frost.

Pink Lilac Bush


If you are looking for a fragrant shrub, then consider the pink lilac bushes. You can find varieties that will not grow over 4-feet tall, but most will grow over 6-feet tall. These shrubs usually bloom in the spring, but they often rebloom throughout the summer and early fall. You can also find options where the leaves change colors in the fall.

Pink Spireas


If you are looking for a large pink shrub, this may be the perfect choice for you as it can grow up to 8-feet tall, depending on the variety chosen. While most will bloom in the late spring, other types bloom in the summer. Additionally, you can find verities of this shrub that prefers full sun that will put on red leaves in the spring.



You can find a vast variety of pink rhododendrons. This shrub is the state flower of Washington and West Virginia blooms from late winter to early summer. You can find options that grow to be only 1-foot tall and other options that grow up to 25-feet tall They do, however, need a little cold in the winter to put on healthy flower buds.

Rugosa Rose


This pink shrub that can grow to be up to 8-feet tall and can have up to a 6-foot spread stays beautiful from early spring to the first frost. In the spring, it puts on flowers that can completely cover the shrub. Then, it puts on fruit that is about the size of a cherry tomato. This plant that thrives when it gets at least four hours of sun daily is tolerant of many conditions.

Pink Elderberry


Growing up to 8-feet tall with an 8-foot spread, the pink elderberry sends out runners allowing new shrubs to get started unless you control them. This plant that can be up to 12-feet tall and spread to be 12-feet wide loves a sunny home, and it will reward you with lots of mid-summer fragrant blooms.

Pink Camellia


The large, sweet-smelling blooms on this plant will appear in early winter and last for several months. This plant, however, is beautiful throughout the rest of the years because of its glossy, evergreen leaves. It can grow up to 20-feet tall and 10-feet wide. Take precautions to protect it from cold winter winds while blooming.



The cup-shaped flowers on this shrub appear in the early spring on its arching brownish-black branches. While the blooms only last for a couple of weeks, this shrub produces inedible, small fruit resembling miniature Asian pears. Many choices will grow to be about 5-feet tall and spreads to be about 3-feet wide when mature.

Pink Weigela


Growing up to 5-feet tall and 5-feet wide, this plant often puts on so many small pink flowers in the late spring that its branches droop under the weight. This shrub that hummingbirds find irresistible is very-low maintenance if the area where you plant it drains well. The pink flowers will reappear without deadheading the shrub until frost arrives in the fall.

Brazilian Plume Flower


Producing bright rose-pink tubular flowers throughout the growing season, this shrub can be grown in containers in climates where frost is a problem, but it is most beautiful in warmer climates where it grows up to 6-feet tall and 6-feet wide as an evergreen shrub. This shrub’s upright appearance and highly textured oval leaves make this sun-loving plant useful in many different settings.


While classified as a shrub, this plant is often grown in hanging containers where their long vine-like branches spill over the sides producing many rounded clusters of small citrusy flowers. When grown as a shrub, it can reach up to 8-feet tall and be equally wide. This sun-loving plant tolerates poor soils well if the soil drains well.