10 Gorgeous Fragrant Shrubs

fragrant shrubs

I love having great smelling shrubs and plants in my garden, especially near the entrance way to my home. Some of the best smelling flowers that you will find in nature grow on shrubs. With that being said, I decided to create a list of 10 of the most fragrant shrubs that I could find for others who love to garden that feel the same way.

In this gallery, we are going to look at a lot of different variations, so you are sure to find one that fits your personality and the other plants that you have growing in your garden.

1) Gardenia


This is a beautiful bush that has a large, white flower that smells quite exquisite. They grow best in full sun, but they can also grow in light shade as well. You will need to have moist, well-drained soil for the shrub to thrive. If the soil is too soggy, the buds will not open. They prefer acidic soil and high humidity. These plants like warmer temperatures, so ideally, the temperature should be between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, even at night. They tend to grow best in zones seven through 10.

2) Star Jasmine

Star Jasmine

This large bush will create small star-shaped flowers that are white. They are great for training to grow along a garden wall or on a trellis in your garden. With the right support, this is a plant that can reach 30 feet tall, but it can remain as a ground cover if you prefer. It will do well in full sun; however, in extremely hot locations, it may need to be shaded during the warmest part of the day. It will grow best in soil that drains well, and it will grow in hardiness zones seven through 10.

3) Viburnum


The viburnum is a shrub that is native to North America. It creates lovely vibrant flowers in the spring of the year, and the flowers, which smell delightful, can be white, cream, or pink. The flowers grow in clusters that look very similar to hydrangea flower with lace on top of them. They grow best in well-drained soil and partial shade, but they can tolerate full sun as well. This is a species that does not mind a little cold, so it can grow in zones four through eight.

4) Daphne Pink

Daphne Pink

This is a rounded shrub that can grow to be about three to five feet tall. The flowers grow in clusters that range in color from white to pink. They are quite fragrant to have in your garden, and they prefer slightly acidic soil that is well-drained and moist. This is a shrub that can grow in partial sun or partial shade, and they grow best in hardiness zones four through nine. This is a poisonous plant though, so if you have pets, be careful where you plant it.

5) Sensation Lilac

Sensation Lilac

All lilac smell amazing, but this one is one of my favorite because it has such a strong floral scent. The blooms are deep purple, and the plant can easily grow to be about 20 feet high. It can grow in partial shade and well-drained, slightly alkaline soil. The flower does not need to be pruned a lot, but cutting the stem when the flower is done blooming will help it produce more blooms. In general, these shrubs will thrive in zones four through seven.

6) Gertrude Jekyll’ Rose

Gertrude Jekyll' Rose

This is a lovely English Rose bush that produces beautiful double blooms that have a very fragrant smell. They tend to grow best in zones four through eight, and they can be trained to climb if you want them to. When this plant is trained to grow a certain way, it can grow to be eight to 10 feet long. It prefers to grow in full to partial sun, and it will grow best in a sandy, clay-like soil that is well-drained. In addition, the scent that this shrub creates will attract butterflies to your garden.

7) Summersweet Clethra

Summersweet Clethra

This is a lovely shrub that will grow to be between five and eight feet tall. It has lovely white clusters of flowers that bloom the spring of each year, but they can also be pink on some plants. They will grow best in zones four through nine, and this shrub will look great as a border on the edge of your garden. It will grow best with six hours of sunlight each day. It will also thrive in well-drained soil that is slightly acidic. Also, the sweet smell of the blooms is great for attracting hummingbirds and butterflies to your outdoor space.

8) Purple-Leaf Sandcherry

Purple-Leaf Sandcherry

This is a beautiful shrub that is quite colorful, which can add a lot to your outdoor garden. It actually has purple foliage that is unique for most plants. It can grow to be up to 10 feet tall as well as wide, so it can take up a lot of space. It can easily grow in zones two through eight, and it should be grown in full sun because too much shade will make the leaves turn to a bronze-green coloration. The flowers are white or light pink, and they will begin to appear during April.

9) Angel’s Trumpet

Angel's Trumpet

This is a tropical plant that smells delightful. The flowers are shaped like a trumpet that dangles from the shrub, and they also produce a strong smell that is even more fragrant at night. This is a toxic plant that should not even be touched without gloves, so it is crucial that you are aware of this if you have small children around. A mature plant can grow to be up to 20 feet tall and 15 feet wide. It prefers to grow in full sun in zones nine through 11.

10) Abelia Chinensis

Abelia Chinensis

This is an aromatic plant that is perfect for attracting butterflies to your garden. It creates pink, white, or cream blooms in the early summer of the year, and when it matures, the shrub can grow to be up to eight feet high. It grows best in well-drained soil and full sun. This is a plant that makes lovely cut flowers as well, so if you are searching your garden to make a bouquet, this is a great option. It grows best in zones seven through nine.