15 Recycled Pallet Planter Ideas For A Unique Garden


When it comes to using planters in a garden, there are endless options. Grow bags, ceramic pottery, plastic planters, hanging baskets, and even more! So when you choose what to add to your garden space, things can get overwhelming.

Ultimately, whatever design works best with your taste is going to work best in your garden, but with an object as versatile as a pallet, the design options are plentiful and almost always easy to replicate! With a simple hammer and set of nails, and a somewhat experienced hand, you can rearrange the pallet to become a surprisingly stylish and unique planter.

You may be thinking; there’s only so much you can do with a pallet. But you are in for a surprise! It is truly amazing what people have created with these simple objects. They are quite literally the legos of DIY construction, Easy to use, and the result is always impressive.

1. Small Rectangle Planter


Source: The Fun Times Guide

A surprisingly handsome design, a simple cut up pallet can be rearranged to form this small rectangular planter box. Perfect for lining the side of a house or deck, and great for growing vegetables or spices!

2. Step Planter


This design involves a little more effort, but the result is obviously worth it! This example features six planters in each section, but you can add sections or take them away with ease. This design works best when you have a good space to lean the planters upright.

3. Wide Bottomed Planters


Source: Pinterest

If you have a few extra pallets, this design can work quite well! You just need some extra wood to create a wide base, and you have a unique and stylish planter ready for any flowers, vegetables, and spices as well!

4. Large Box Planters


A design perfect for keeping your plants elevated and easy to tend to. Use cut up pallets to shape the walls of these planters and line the insides with a piece of landscaping fabric to keep the soil contained.

5. Vertical Hanging Spice Rack


Source: 101 Pallets

A simple and quick design, this hanging planter is just a regular pallet with two boards pulled from the top. Characterize your design with creative labels or writing, and plant anything from spices and herbs to small flowers!

 6. Leaning Tower Planters


Source: Wooden Pallet Furniture

Paint your converted pallets fun bright colors like this example, or go with a more subdued theme to match whatever you have in your garden. This design is convenient in that it stands on its own, and can hold a good amount of greenery.

7. Horizontal Ground Planter


Source: The Micro Gardener

The beauty of this design is that you don’t even need to use boards on the bottom of the pallet to keep the dirt in, simply fill the spaces in the pallet with planting soil and use the boards on top as separation lanes.

8. Raised Box Planter


This creative design would look great in any country garden. Add paint or detail to the pallets to assimilate this design into whatever matches your own garden space.

9. Long Vertical Hanging Planters


Source: The Self Sufficient Living

Hang these planters on any fence or garden wall to create a trellis look. Plant hanging flowers or vines to form a green wall effect. You can paint the pallets to pop out from beneath the greenery or leave them plain and disguised.

10. Bench Pallet Planter


Source: Minimalisti

A creative and comfortable design, this planter idea creates a bench to sit and enjoy your garden in, also featuring planter boxes. Fill these spaces with planting soil or simply use a potted plant.

11. Coffee Table Planter


Source: Pallet Furniture DIY

If you have an area with plenty of seating but nowhere to place beverages or food, this design could save you! Using wood from pallets, you can create a stylish table with a space in the center for any plants or other decoration.

12. Random Hanging Planters


A design that works well with multiple different shapes and sizes of a pallet, these hanging planters add character to any fence or wall. You can cut up a pallet and reform it to make any size or shape.

13. Simple Three Box Planter


Source: Pallets Ideas

A simple and easy to make design, this planter consists of three small boxes. Hang on any wall or fence, and use it for small plants and spices.

14. Staggered Horizontal Planters.


This unique design features horizontal planters stacked vertically and staggered. Keep the pallet wood plain or paint it to match your garden theme. Add ssmallholdersfor things like small spice plants or lanterns.

15. Standing Horizontal Planters


This simple design features small box areas to act as shelves for decoration or for storing small gardening tools or seeds. Add sides to the pallet to fill with dirt or simply use potted plants as shown above.



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