21 Crafty Small Garden Ideas and Solutions For Saving Space


They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and there’s no more urgent necessity than the limitations of space when it comes to gardening.

We’ve created a list to guide our fellow gardeners through the creative and crafty process of making the most of your space, selecting 20 of the best ideas from around the web. Each project shared below showcases a unique way to expand your garden, surrounding yourself with the beauty of flowers, succulents, and other greenery, without increasing your outdoor footprint.

Maybe you’re strapped for space, living in an apartment or home without a yard. Maybe you’ve already exhausted the garden space you do have and want to expand. Whatever the situation is, we’ve got an innovative solution. Each idea is accompanied by an illustrative picture and link to the original post, with any and all necessary instructions.

1. The Garden Tower (Our Favorite!)

garden tower

Need space to grow your greens, veggies and herbs? The Garden tower is an excellent choice!

2. Kitchen Fairy Garden

We’ve talked about fairy gardens before, but this novel idea involves the use of old kitchen items. Mixing in muffin pans, pot lids, and more, you can create a spectacular display in miniature. The possibilities are limited only by what you are willing to use from the kitchen!

kitchen fairy garden 7

Image Source: Organizedclutter

3. Repurposed Dresser

This is a rather simple design, with the majority of the work involved in moving the dresser outdoors. Once you’ve settled on a spot and emptied it of contents, you’re set to load your dresser up with soil and plant away.


4. Hanging Gutter Garden

With the linked instructions, you can create your own DIY hanging garden with simple gutter pipes and a bit of handiwork. With these, you’ll be able to house abundant plant life with zero footprint on your garden grounds.


Source: Goodshomedesign

5. Tiered Terra Cotta Tower

Stacking nested potters is a fantastic and universally attractive idea for any garden. When looking to save space, it’s even better! Try out the provided steps for crafting your own way toward vertical potter nirvana.


Source: Krysanthe

6. Balcony Garden

Using a set of larger, more mature plants for your balcony garden can make maintenance and care a much simpler task. Hardy, mature plants can take more wind and light variety, while offering a more uniformly fleshed out look for your compact space.


Source: Apartment Therapy

7. Garden Bench Planter

If you have a bench in your yard that’s unused in its main purpose, for sitting, you may want to consider giving it a second life as a planter. With a few easy steps and possibly some paint, you can create a unique raised display for your flowers without taking up a ton of space.


Source: BHG

8. Fence Planter Boxes

With virtually any type of cut wood doing the job, there are myriad ways you can craft your own fence planter boxes. This fantastic idea allows you to expand your garden vertically, surrounding the area with plant life from eye level on down.


Source: Sunset

9. Recycled Bottle Vertical Wall Garden

This idea sits at the extreme end of recycling, using virtually any old bottle, from water to soda, like a miniature planter. Obtaining a lot of them is beyond easy, while the process itself takes only a small amount of hands-on work.


Source: Treehugger

10. Garden Tower

While the garden tower may take a bit more work than some other projects here, it is certainly one of the most substantial space-saving ideas you could implement. See the link below for step by step instructions.


Source: Sunset

11. Garden Fountain

Surprisingly, a DIY garden fountain is not a difficult creation! Using the steps provided in the link below, you can turn nearly any garden ornament or unused equipment into a spectacular little fountain over the course of a weekend.


Source: Thisoldhouse

12. Garden Pond

Here’s a fantastic way to turn any old tire into a compact garden pond. The steps are simple enough but the results speak volumes; guests will be asking how you crafted such a beautiful pond by yourself!


Image Source: Goodshomedesign

13. Cinder Block Garden

With the careful and deliberate placement of cinder blocks, you can create a similar “wall” of robust planters, as shown below. The shape of these blocks make for perfect planters, while the hardy construction means that your stack will stay in place in all types of weather.


Source: Apartment Therapy

14. Vertical Berry Planter

Would you love to grow strawberries but can’t spare the garden real estate? Try this method for planting a surprising amount of greenery in a tiny footprint.


Source: Theownerbuildernetwork

15. Mini Fairy Garden

We mentioned fairy gardens previously, but here is a very specific example, making the most of a tiny amount of space. Using toys, models, or miniature-anything, you can fill a small planter to the brim with fun details.


Source: Parents

16. Layered Gardening

As seen in the photo below, you can use hanging baskets, portable planters, and other assorted tools to create multiple layers of garden within a slim space.


Source: BHG

17. Window Boxes

You can purchase window box planters ready-made or craft them yourself. The results are the same: a fantastic, accessible new space for your gardening, without taking up acres of space!

Watering Black Window Boxes with Grasses, Meredith Swinehart, Gardenista

Source: Gardenista

18. Portable Planters

Portable planters can be used in a variety of ways and spaces, but as shown here, you can eliminate any footprint by hanging them on a fence or nearby railing. Create your own hooks or buy potters ready-made for this use.


Source: BHG

19. Smart Use Of Furniture

If gardening and tending to your plants are the most important aspects of your outdoor life, why clutter it up with unnecessary furniture? As seen in the image below, you can use a minimal set of furniture (that will actually be used) to provide seating without crowding out your flowers.


Source: BHG

20. Succulent Wall Art

Have any old picture frames lying around? With a bit of woodworking, a fresh supply of succulents, and some vertical free space, you can hang your very own picture-perfect plant art.


Source: Instructables

21. Rooftop Gardening

Our final idea is one that only works in specific situations; for those whom this applies to, it can be a perfect solution. If you have rooftop access on your building, you’ve got an uninhibited space for gardening! The possibilities are only limited by what you can get up there.


Source: BHG