15 Stylish Landscape Lighting Ideas

Your outdoor lighting is an important aspect of your garden décor. It can highlight aspects of the garden that you want to be seen, create an atmosphere that you want to have noticed in your garden parties, or simply provide safe passage across your yard. This gallery is designed to help you consider the different lighting options that are available for your garden. We will look at some of the different lighting techniques that you may want to incorporate into your garden as well as some inspirational landscape lighting ideas that will be presented in gallery form. Before we flip the switch on the specific ideas, let’s explore some of the reasons we need lighting in our garden.

Reasons for Landscape Lighting

The main reason for lighting in your garden is to make it safe for you to walk down your garden path in the dark. Some areas of your garden may be naturally lit or perhaps there are areas that you will not walk through in the dark that can remain in the shadows. The object of this type of light is to prevent mishaps from occurring.

The second most important reason to consider adding lighting in your garden is to increase the level of security around your home. Having a well-lit yard will deter thieves from approaching your home. Uninvited guests tend to lurk in the shadows, so eliminating dark corners in your garden can make your home a more secure location.

The final reason for lighting is to spice up your garden and add ambient light to the space to set a mood. This is a great idea for a garden party, but it can also simply highlight trees and other aspects of your garden. This type of lighting often takes different lighting techniques into consideration. Let’s take a look at some that could look amazing in your garden.

Lighting Techniques

  • Highlighting –This is a technique that is used to accent a specific feature of your garden. You can use more than one light for large trees, but simply angle the light at the object to create this lighting style.
  • Shadowing – Shadowing is when a light is placed in front of an object in a way that places a shadow on the wall. It is often used to create an eerie atmosphere in your garden.
  • Silhouetting – This lighting technique is created when a light is placed behind an object and faced towards an adjacent wall. The plant or statue will look dark and ominous.
  • Moonlighting – Moonlighting is created when bright lights are positioned on high trees. This creates a downward shadow that gives your garden a natural beauty.
  • Path-lighting – This type of lighting is specifically designed to illuminate your garden path and make sure you can safely reach your destination.
  • Up-lighting – With this technique, the lighting is placed on the ground and angled upwards towards the walls and features of your garden.
  • Down-lighting – This type of lighting has the opposite effect. The lights are positioned higher up and angled downward to highlight specific features.

Now that you have an idea of the different types of illumination that is available to you, let’s check out some lighting ideas photos.

1. Illuminated Path of Stone


Illuminating the main pathway in your garden is a top priority. This stone path is perfectly enhanced by the lighting that is built right into the design of the stone walls. The lighting used here creates the perfect level of brightness.

2. Edging of Light


When you have a raised edging along the path in your garden, raised light fixtures like these are perfect for lighting the way to ensure that you do not trip. Having them positioned along the tree line adds light to the tree’s base as well.

3. Vintage Path Lights


The garden pathway is designed with vintage style light posts that add a unique style to your outdoor décor. They are high enough off of the ground to illuminate more than the path, which is nice for evening events held in the garden.

4. Stainless Steel Solar Path Light

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There are times when you want your lighting to be hidden during the day, and that is where these lights shine. They are located amongst grass-type plants that can hide their shape until the night requires illumination.

5. Solar Powered LED Outdoor Solar Sensor Light

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The lighting displayed here is a down-lighting technique that brings your attention to specific locations. Here you can see the house number, the no diving sign, and other garden aspects being highlighted.

6. Stylish Path of Stone

Source: Backyard City

This next idea incorporates a few different lighting techniques into it. There are path lights to illuminate the walkway as well as up-lighting ideas that enhance the design. The lighting makes the path look amazing, and it also draws attention to the shrubs near the entrance.

7. Eerie Brick Pathway


If you are looking for an eerie lighting idea for Halloween, then this one is perfect. The path is dark as it twists past the cactus, but the orange glowing lights offer some relief from the dark.

8. Path of Safety

Source: In My Interior

The lighting used in this next idea is subtle, but it provides a bright light that will ensure that you do not trip as you walk to the gate. It is also a great style of lighting to deter unwanted visitors like raccoons and skunks.

9. Subtle Illumination


If you do not want your lighting system to be in the open, then this idea is one that you should consider. The lights are small enough to hide under shrubs and bushes, but they do provide ample illumination.

10. Floating Stairs


The lighting here is positioned under the stairs. The lighting cannot be seen during the day, but at night it makes the stairs appear to be floating.

11. Globe String Outdoor Lights

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If you do not want dedicated lights in your garden, then you can easily provide the illumination that you need in your outdoor space with a simple string of bulb–shaped lights.

12. HGTV Solar LED Pathway Lights

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Using solar powered lights to line your walkway is a great way to ensure that nobody loses their footing on a dark path at night. Be careful how far apart you place the lights, if you want the optimal lighting.

13. InnoGear Solar Lights Spotlight Outdoor Landscape Lighting

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Spotlights are designed to make sure that all of the hidden areas of your garden are illuminated. This feature will increase the level of security around your home immensely.

14. Descriptive Heading

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This is another path that is illuminated with solar lights, but this display is positioned next to a bed of purple flowers that will look lovely in the glow of the light.

15. GardenJoy Outdoor Solar Garden Lights

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All path lights are designed to ensure that you can easily follow the garden path, but this display is designed to illuminate the bed of flowers and keep you from walking on the plants.