32 Breathtaking Flower Box Ideas


Flower boxes are one of the most traditional and beloved garden additions out there. The svelte container gardens are able to be placed in a variety of spaces, bringing the beauty of flowering plants virtually anywhere around your home.

We wanted to investigate further, and gather a large selection of the best flower boxes we could find around the web. We discovered that flower boxes can appear in a wide range of guises and placements, offering surprise and delight in novel ways.

Throughout the gallery, make sure to note the dynamic placements of these planters, shifting and adapting to myriad window shapes and other mounts. The shape of the flower boxes themselves can often surprise as well, with a few fresh designs that even caught us off guard. The variety is stunning.

We’ve made sure to include images from almost every time of home and window structure, so you’re sure to find one or two that give a clear idea of what a flower box might add to your own home. We felt inspired by the ones we recognized and hope you feel the same after reading this gallery!


On a slim windowsill below smoked glass, this wireframe flower box hangs, stuffed with flowers and hanging greenery. A style like this is perfect for rustic or traditional looking homes.


This traditional brick home features a carved wood windowsill, with a truly unique flower box design. Two vases are tipped on their sides, with flowers spilling forward over the ledge and hanging below.


On a building absolutely enshrouded with leafy vines, a slim flower box sits upon a nearly hidden window sill. This small container garden boasts a rainbow’s worth of colorful flowers, contrasting with the surrounding sea of green.


This rustic look cabin sports a vibrant window appearance, with red and blue painted framing and a matching blue flower box. The box is supported by metal frames beneath, while both flowers and hanging plants spill outward.


Attached to a rustic wood window sill, this wrought iron and copper flower box positively explodes with color. Flowering buds fill the lower window space, flanked by bold blue shutters.


On a brown stucco house, this white painted window frame houses a single bowl-shaped planter, taking the place of a more traditional flower box. The old fashioned design looks timeless and has plenty of real estate for your flowers.


Attached to an upper balcony railing, this wireframe container garden adds contrast and color to the space with purple and yellow flowering buds. The placement is unconventional but truly improves the balcony imagery.


Surrounded by grey brick work, this snug white window opening hosts a small flower box that is positively obscured by the greenery sprouting outward. A rainbow of colors fills the lower half of the entire window to beautiful effect.


On another red brick house, this one with black shutters, a sleek black flower box is mounted flush with the lower edge of the window and filled with a variety of soft hued flowers. The dark box allows the flowers to hog the spotlight.


On on old rustic brick home, we see a pair of newly refreshed windows, with rich natural wood framing, highlighted by sprawling red flowers and greenery. The slim flower boxes are hidden, allowing for a naturally blooming appearance.


Hanging on a small upper level balcony, upon a rustic wrought iron railing, we see a pair of small containers housing flower boxes. With leafy vines spilling downward and colorful bulbs up top, this arrangement makes for a dynamic presence on the home exterior.


Another rustic brick building appears here with a vibrant and creative arrangement of flower boxes and container gardens. Traditional flower boxes are mounted flush with the lower window sills, each hoisting a pair of hung terra cotta planters below. Between the windows, yet another set of traditional clay flower boxes add rich greenery to the facade.


This wide, arched window set in orange is bursting with color, thanks to a trio of flower boxes overflowing with greenery and bright flower blooms.


On a richly textured stucco building, we see a pair of modern colonial windows studded with a rich spray of bright flowers, courtesy of multiple flower boxes mounted flush with the lower frame, right in the middle, and hung from the shutters.


Against a modern red brick home, we see a rustic aged wood flower box bursting with tulips below a broad picture window. The simple contrast here is cheap but effective.


On a facade already flush with bright color, this simple rustic natural wood flower box goes for a subtle addition, with hanging flowers creating a drooped heart shape over the wall.


In addition to the mini-picket-fence flower box mounted upon the bricks at left, this raised wood patio sports a series of natural wood container gardens that add a blush of green and purple to the space.


Mounted upon the edge of a lawn, defining the space between white exterior walls and green yard, these bespoke white flower boxes sport dark leaves and bright pink bulbs for a high contrast look.


Moving away from the traditional window placement, this rustic wood flower box acts as a living room decoration, matching the hue of the hardwood flooring and sporting a densely packed set of specialized roses.


If you’re going for a DIY flower box solution, you can hardly get more simple than painted aluminum cans. On a white house with black window framing, the bright colors of these cans helps highlight the variety of flowers contained within.


On the facade of an old fashioned stone brick home, this flower box sits flush within the window opening, painted to match the surrounding frame. The subtle elegance of this solution allows the flowers to truly pop.


Perfectly matching the light orange tone of this home, a traditionally styled flower box hoists a set of pink and purple roses below a white framed window.


Here’s a truly novel flower box idea. A large log has been carved into a country styled wagon, using cross-sections as wheels. The lush greenery sprouting adds to the naturally ideal picture.


Using the built-in wrought iron framing of this large window, a set of three terra cotta flower boxes are suspended above an additional set of hanging pots, all with abundant leafy flowering plants inside.


In this cozy iron-barred window, a pair of ceramic containers house rich greenery, nestled with painted rocks into the sill.


Truly stretching the definition of a flower box, this example sees a large aluminum trough used as a container garden, with a cornucopia of flowering plants and vines growing up and outward beneath a set of rustic, blue painted window frames.


Set into the corner of a stone construction home, this wrought iron and natural wood flower box is the perfect space for desert flowers to bloom.


Upon a large brick patio wall, we see a garden supplemented by discreet black flower boxes, suspended on wrought iron fencing above their earth-bound counterparts.


On a large Western rustic-styled natural wood home, we see an abundance of flower boxes lining the balcony fencing, absolutely bursting with a small rainbow’s worth of flowering buds. The subtle addition adds maximum contrast and color to the sedate facade.


Within this ample courtyard we see rows of rustic wood flower boxes mounted beneath bespoke arched window sets. The neutral tone of the boxes allows the bright greenery and flowering buds to flourish against the salmon toned structure.