27 Spectacular Fall Gardening Ideas

fall garden ideas collage

I love the idea of gardening in the fall. The blooms tend to be different colors, and they can make your garden look great. In addition, plants that bloom in the fall can really add to your Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations. If there is room in your outdoor garden, you can even incorporate a fire pit and some seating in the space to make it more reminiscent of summer. Remember that since the leaves fall during this time of year, raking and cleaning up the leaves may be part of your daily routine for keeping a nice looking outdoor space.

I have been looking for amazing fall gardening ideas to do in my outdoor space this year, so let’s take a look at some of the options that I found that will not take too much effort to create.

1. Colorful Rows of Blooms

This idea is one that is perfect for any fall garden. There are Gerber daisies, which come in a variety of colors, as well as pumpkins that will help fill the garden.

2. Vertical Garden for the Fall

balcony fall garden

If you have a bunch of fall-blooming plants, then this is a great option to consider. The blooms that you can see are pink, yellow, and white, and there are pine trees, ferns, and spider plants as well.

3. A Back Porch Spread

Fall Flowers pots

This is a garden that is full of succulents and different types of fall-blooming plants. There are plenty of baskets that are being used as planters as well as pumpkins to make it look more festive.

4. Peach-Colored Tree in a Planter

Fall containers

The focal point of this idea is a tree that will look well in any part of your garden that is lacking plants. Because this is a plant that has color-changing leaves, it will look great for your Halloween décor.

5. Quilted Garden of Colors

cabbage flower bed

In this space, there are flowers with yellow, orange, and white blooms. The garden also contains ornamental kale, ornamental cabbage, and larger bushes, which add some variation to the color.

6. Potted Plants in a Wheelbarrow

wheelbarrow pumpkin

This wheelbarrow makes a great accent for any garden, and adding potted plants around it will help get your garden ready for fall. As you can see, black-eyed Susans are a great option for this idea.

7. Frightful Front Door

Front decor fall

As you are decorating your space for Halloween, add some small pine trees and fall wreaths to the design. The planter with pansies and the orange pumpkins add a bit of fall coloration to your garden.

8. Cute Fairy-Like Garden

Fall flower bed

In this garden, you can see a lot of different colored blooms that make up some ground cover. There is a stone walkway around the plants, and there are climbing plants along the back of the garden.

9. Colorful Garden of Cabbage and Kale

ornamental cabbage

Ornamental cabbage is one of the most colorful plants that you can plant in the fall. Ornamental kale will also add a lot of color and volume to an outdoor space

10. Fall Festive Planter

Fall Container

This is a planter that brings some height to a garden. In this planter, there is ornamental cabbage, pumpkins, and impatiens. The blooms are orange, yellow, and blue.

11. Colorful Dome of Flower

Mums multi-color

Daisies come in several varieties, and this garden idea, which is perfect for the fall, has white, yellow, and faded red blooms that will look great with ant fall décor.

12. Butchart Gardens in Victoria British Columbia

autumn butchart

For gardens with a lot of space, this idea has plenty of bushes and small shrubs that will look lovely. The trees in the background look perfect with the fall colors of red and orange.

13. Fall Pumpkin Patch with Pink and Purple Blooms

Autumn garden

Pumpkins are a part of the fall décor that many gardeners use, but this idea incorporates ornamental cabbage and a variety of other blooms that go well with the already existing colors.

14. Antique Truck Garden Piece

Fall Truck

If you have an antique truck, then it can offer a lot of options for your garden. The bed of this truck has pumpkins, ornamental peppers, and other fall plants that help brighten the space.

15. Fall Wreath for a Wall or Fence

A fall wreath can be beautiful, and this one is full of colorful leaves, berries, nuts, and even a bit of straw to tie it all together. A few small sunflowers will help complete the look.

16. A Basin Full of Flowers

Fall Containers

If you have an old basin, there are several plants that you can put in your garden. This idea has pumpkins, cabbage, and beautiful mountain laurel flowers that have purple blooms.

17. Fresh Fall Window Planter

Fall Window Box

Windows are a great idea to use when you want to enhance your outdoor space. Fill a planter with plants that have fall-colored blooms, which can include pansies and other orange blooms.

18. Orange Pumpkin Planter

Pumpkin Flowers

This is an idea that utilizes a pumpkin. Cut the top off of the pumpkin, clean it out, and fill it with some fall colored plants. I love the way the pink rose look against the orange pumpkin.

19. Welcoming Front Porch with Scarecrows

Mums Front Door

This idea is great for stairs, and it includes pumpkins, hay, and scarecrows. There are also a few planters that have plants in them with fall colored blooms.

20. Festive Fall Porch Spread

Fall Pumpkin

This is the perfect idea for a flat patio space. It utilizes pumpkins and fall leaves that are laid across the ground. There are also orange and yellow blooms on the flowers in this fall idea.

21. Scarecrow Garden for Fall

Fall Front Door Decor

Scarecrows and pumpkins are a part of the fall, and this idea adds wreaths and flowers to the garden. Climbing plants, such as the Mandevilla plant, will help complete your garden.

22. Colorful Chrysanthemum Garden

Fall Plants Front Porch

Chrysanthemums will look great in potted plants around your garden, especially if you have multiple colored blooms during the fall. They come in orange, yellow, and purple, but adding other fall plants can complete the idea.

23. Fall Harvest in the Garden

harvest container

This idea incorporates wheelbarrows, garden boxes, and planters. There are ferns in the garden in the back, daisies in the middle, and gourds and pumpkins along the side.

24. Wheelbarrow Full of Fall Plants

Fall Wheelbarrow cabbage

Nothing can make a garden look more complete than a beautifully handcrafted piece that is filled with flowers. For a fall spread like this one, use ornamental kale, cabbage, and similarly colored plants.

25. Orange and Purple Fall Harvest

fall basket decor

This is a great idea that you can use in your garden. There are pumpkins, gourds, mums, ornamental cabbage, and other plants in the containers on the porch.

26. Soft, Orange Hanging Plants


Chrysanthemums are lovely plants that produce small blooms that often grow close together. This idea incorporates these plants in coco liners into your garden, which will look great in the fall.

27. Fall Colors in a Durable Planter

Potted Chrysanthemum

Zinnia is a great plant that you can use in a fall garden, especially when you have a lot of fall colors in your décor already. This plant is pink with an orange center, but it is also a plant that comes in several other colors as well.