25 Garden Fences in Varied Styles and Materials


A fence is an important part of every yard. Aside from being used in backyards with close neighbors to ensure ample privacy, they can be wonderfully decorative and an important part of your yard’s curb appeal.

We’ve scoured the internet for some of the best styles of fences, both front and back yard, in many different materials, including wood, vinyl, and iron.

Whether your yard is small or you live on an expansive piece of property, there is a fence design to suit your yard. Some designs are simple and charming, while others pay more attention to function than form. Still others look as though they belong on a grand estate.

So whether you choose a traditional, classic style like a picket fence, go for a stockade fence for the privacy, or choose an ornamental iron fence with stone columns, your fence will be an important part of your yard and garden’s design.

The 25 different options we cover below are but a small fraction of ideas–the fence and surrounding landscaping are limited only by your imagination!

1. Ladder Shade Fence

A privacy fence with a unique feature that allows both sunlight and the breeze to flow unobstructed by the fence. The slanted slats act much like shades do on indoor windows; privacy without sacrificing light.


2. Curved White Picket Fence

A curved take on the traditional white picket fence. This fence follows the perimeter of the yard, keeping animals out of the beautiful landscaping and keeping any children or pets in the yard.

3. Aged Rustic Wooden Picket Fence

A simple, rustic picket fence along the edge of an expansive yard. The moss and weathering adds a unique charm to this still sturdy fence. Pink tulips are planted along the edge of the fence to add a splash of color.


4. Asian-Inspired Lattice and Pergola Fence

An Asian-inspired lattice-front fence that runs along the perimeter of this hillside home. A short series of pergola beams run along the top, casting a bit of shade into the stone-encased planting bed.


5. Wrought Iron Fence

The classic wrought iron fence with spear-tips. Behind this traditional ornamental fence are beautiful red roses.

6. Black Wrought Iron Fence with Filigree

Another ornamental iron fence with curve filigree at the top. The fence comes into a small point at each gate. Flowering trees and topiary run along the fence.


7. Cedar Backyard Fence

A cedar stockade fence surrounding a backyard. The wide planks are fitted close enough together that peeping is difficult to do. A large tree with a swing sits near the fence.


8. Wooden Perimeter Fence with Layered Slats

Another type of tall privacy fence, but this one has slats in two alternating layers to close the gaps through which nosy neighbors can peek. Near one section of fence is a coordinating pergola.

9. Aged Wooden Perimeter Fence with Vertical Garden

An aged gray wooden fence with a vertical garden drooping down into the landscaping at the foot of the fence. The brightly colored delicate flowers and ivy transform a drab old fence into a beautifully integrated part of the garden.

10. Stone and Iron Ornamental Perimeter Fence

A stately ornamental fence with gilded accents and brick supports. This perimeter fence is sturdy and designed for both security and to be ornamental.


11. Beachy Surfboard Fence

A beachy, Hawaiian take on a perimeter fence, featuring old, repurposed surfboards strung together. A unique DIY take on a privacy fence perfectly suited to Hawaiian life.


12. Wrought Iron Fence with Stone Columns

An older wrought-iron fence with stone and mortar columns. The yard beyond has long grass and a few bright yellow dandelions springing up near the edge of the fence.


13. Split Rail Farm Fence

For those who live on a great deal of land or have livestock, this fence is both practical and fits the country ranch style of the home. Simple landscaping and several evergreen trees complete this simple, but attractive yard.


14. Stockade Fence with Lattice Top and Pergola Gate

A light wood stockade fence that surrounds the entire yard. Tall trees and topiary bushes peek above the latticed tops of the fence. A simple wooden gate door is topped by a pergola.


15. Flat Top White Picket Fence

A simple picket fence without the classic triangular tips. Instead, this white fence has a completely flat profile. A curved gate leads into the yard. This fence is set back from the sidewalk by several feet, which is unusual.


16. Simple Picket Fence with Hedge Fence Behind

A beige picket fence does little for privacy on its own, serving as a border and as ornamentation, but combined with a taller hedge wall, creates a unique style of privacy fencing.


17. Spear-Top Wrought Iron Ornamental Fence

An ornamental black wrought iron ornamental perimeter fence leading into a heavily wooded yard. The front has both a small gate for pedestrians and a much larger gate for vehicles to enter the long driveway.


18. Vinyl White Picket Fence with Trained Flowers

A vinyl white picket fence with soft spear-tip pickets. This perimeter fence is prettied up by expansive, well-established rose bushes wrapping around and through the fence.


19. Aged Iron Fence in Black

A black iron perimeter fence on the edge of a heavily wooded lot. Wild flora is starting to grow and wind through the bars.


20. Cedar Stockade Fence with Dark Posts

A tall cedar stockade fence with darker posts that add contrast to a rather plain fence. Pebbles, larger stones, and hardy landscaping in combination with the many personalized accents make for a simple, easy-to-care for backyard.


21. Ornamental White Fence

An ornamental white fence with long and short pickets that create an interesting visual effect. A narrow gate allows access to the yard from the sidewalk.


22. Black Ornamental Fence on Concrete

A taller ornamental iron fence on a concrete base next to a much shorter ornamental iron fence with a much more ornate design.


23. Aged Split-Rail Fence

In rural areas where timber is abundant, split-rail fences are a more common sight. Something about these rustic fences adds an astonishing amount of charm to a huge property.


24. Classic White Picket Fence with Sunflowers

A classic, traditional wooden picket fence that is purely ornamental, running along the perimeter of a home in the country, separating the yard from a field of sunflowers and tall corn stalks.


25. Stone and Mortar Border Fence

While more expensive or more difficult to build than a wooden or metal fence, stacked stone border fences can add a unique style to your yard or garden.