11 Gorgeous Garden Pergolas For Inspiration


Gazebos are a very popular option, but it can be really difficult to find the perfect spot for one. Instead, opt for a pergola, which can be worked into existing garden paths, over an existing sunny patio, or in many other areas of your garden.

Whether you prefer a more rustic design, an elegant traditional design, or anything in between, these designs will appeal to you. Keep them open or trail flowers to create a canopy of aromatic color–the choice is up to you.

So let’s start checking out some incredible images and get to dreaming up the next evolution of your garden!

1. Rustic Tuscan-Style Pergola with Stone Supports


Adding columns and a neat natural wood pergola can provide much-needed shade in a sunny garden. It also means you can afford to plant a few shade-loving plants that you may not have been able to before. Regardless, adding a pergola is always a stunning idea, particularly in large gardens with winding trails.

2. Vineyard Pergola


The addition of winding grape vines and potted ornamental trees ensures that the occupants of the picnic tables feel entirely surrounded by nature as they gaze down  upon the mountain hillsides and valleys. The unfinished, rustic look of the pergola itself inspires the thought of a Californian vineyard.

3. Pergola with Green Trellis Supports


This is the ultimate fusion of a gazebo, trellises, and a pergola. The pergola provides a small semblance of shade, while also serving as the perfect place to hang colorful, full hanging baskets. The trellis sides and supports are excellent for adding climbing vines, which, when mature, will provide privacy.

4. Modern and Minimalist Pergola


Pergolas are an excellent solution if you’re looking to define a new patio area or addition. This patio is completely covered by a modern finished wood pergola that stretches in an L shape, encompassing several seating areas and a dining area. Attached lighting ensures that the space is still usable at night. A bridge covers the small stone viewing pool.

5. Cottage Style Attached Pergola


As seen above, a pergola is a great way to cover and define a sunny patio area. The cross beams provide a bit of shade, but still allow the warmth of the sunbeams to fall on your face. The supports on this pergola have winding, trailing vines growing up them, and is attached to the roof.

6. Rustic, Country Style Pergola


Against the mossy stone retaining wall, this rustic tin-covered pergola is full of character and rustic style, featuring hanging baskets, antique lights, and potted tulips. Benches are lined up underneath the pergola to take full advantage of the shade. In the background are a variety of flowering bushes and trees.

7. Turquoise Pergola on Classic Plaster Columns


This pergola is just perfect to cover a beach-y boardwalk, providing just a bit of refuge from the sun’s hot rays. The addition of textured columns takes a bit of classic design and adds it to a shanty-chic beach boardwalk. The columns are rooted in the pumice retaining walls.

8. Forest Canopy Pergola With Twisted Branch Bench


While pergolas don’t typically have a full roof, a mature tree with vines can create an incredible canopy for a patio area. This forested area has a lovely hand crafted wooden bench with the same twists and turns as the mature tree in the foreground.

9. Elegant White Pergola


A simple white pergola with elegant cutouts at the corner where each support meets the top of the pergola.The structure creates a funneling effect on visitors, who feel compelled to continue down the stone path to the gazebo on the other side of the backyard.

10. Rustic Pergola Over a Porch


As we look up the stone steps of this public garden, a light bit of shade from a wooden, rustic pergola and its canopy of flowers falls on the steps. The unique stonework has small arches that contain public drinking fountains. The effect is an Old World atmosphere that’s utterly appealing.

11. Chinese Red Pergola


The bold red of this pergola with supports that elevate upwards is quite typical of Zen style gardens. The dual supports and bars act as a wonderful way to ensure that the flowering bushes and ornamental trees continue to grow into a canopy.