15 Outdoor Stone Fireplace Ideas


There’s just something so cozy about a fireplace, and so classy. So why wouldn’t you want to put one in your backyard? They can double easily as secondary cooking ovens, are sturdier than firepits, and are easy to keep lit, even in the rain.

While the smoke from firepits often ends up blowing back into the faces of the people sitting around it, an outdoor fireplace minimizes this problem by covering the flames and directing the smoke upwards. While many outdoor fireplaces evolve from wood-fired ovens with removable racks, still others are purely for decorative and recreational purposes. Before you build yours,  you’ll want to be sure your municipality allows for purely decorative fireplaces.

This collection features a large variety of styles and sizes of fireplaces, so you’re sure to find one that speaks to you. Some are built-into the facade of the home, while others are constructed later and are free-standing. Most outdoor fireplaces are wood-burning, rather than enclosed and gas-burning, but many owners opt for a screen to prevent any coals or sparks from popping.

A fireplace can be the perfect complement to any outdoor living space–just be sure to keep the fire away from flammable plants or landscaping, and like with indoor fireplaces, you’ll need to keep it clean to keep the fireplace both working and looking good.

Whether you’re a DIYer or you’d rather have your fireplace installed, you’re sure to find a style and size that fits your specific needs!

1. Southwestern Adobe Stone Fireplace

This more southwestern take on an outdoor fireplace is connected to the home and has a screen that can be drawn to cover it. Glass doors on either side lead into the home.


2. Stone Fireplace with Raised Hearth

Instead of facing inwards, towards the home, this fireplace faces the backyard, which may help keep any smoke from blowing into the faces of those gathered around it.


3. Contemporary Dual-Sided Free-Standing Fireplace

This free-standing dual-sided fireplace has a more contemporary feel and a contrasting dark mantlepiece. Two pots full of tall grasses sit on either side of the fireplace.


4. Stacked Stone Fireplace With Glass Baubles

This hand-stacked layered stone fireplace is situated amongst the evergreen landscaping and against the yellow facade of the house. Accompanying the fireplace are two rustic rocking chairs.


5. Wide Brick Fireplace with Shelf

A large open-hearth brick fireplace with asymmetrical sides on an aged stone patio. To the left is a large white gazebo.


6. Raised Fireplace with Wood Storage Beneath

The hearth of this fireplace is chest level, with two sections below to hold a wood pile. To the left is an outdoor sink, which allows this area to double as a cooking space.


7. Two-Sided Brick and Cement Fireplace

The base of this brick and cement fireplace has cut-out arches in the base. The arched fireplace has two separate sides–one can be used to store wood, while the other can having a roaring fire.


8. Monolith Red Brick Fireplace

This massive red brick fireplace has a raised hearth and a log holder. The raised hearth connects to the matching brick edging running along the patio’s border with the yard.


9. Squat Stacked “Stone Lantern” Fireplace

A simple wooden pergola covers this faux stone patio. Facing the seating arrangement is a simple three-tier stone fireplace shaped similarly to a Japanese stone lantern.


10. Dual-Sided Stone and Mortar Fireplace

This dual-sided stone fireplace faces both the spacious patio and the backyard. Off to the right is a slightly raised patio with a pergola and a trellis back.


11. Brick Shelter Fireplace with Pergola


A sturdy light brick fireplace sits in the center of a brick enclosure topped with a pergola, combining patio with fireplace.

12. Stone Screened Fireplace Beneath Arched Wood Patio

This wide, stately stone fireplace with a built-in screen is the perfect complement to the arched patio with skylights. This patio is the best of both indoor and outdoor worlds.


13. Black Brick and Concrete Fireplace with Off-Center Mantle

This free-standing fireplace is constructed with black bricks for a more contemporary look. The mantle extends far off to the left to balance the off-center fireplace with the hearth.


14. Multi-Colored Large Stone and Mortar Fireplace With Removable Racks


Even a smaller fireplace can be the centerpiece of a backyard patio. This tall, freestanding fireplace is constructed of large reddish stones and thick mortar. It also doubles as an outdoor oven and has removable racks.

15. Stone Fireplace and Wrought Iron Screen

A thick, heavy stone fireplace with a few oddly shaped stones throughout. For safety, the open hearth is closed off by a decorative wrought-iron screen. The raised hearth brings the up, helping to warm more of the body on a chilly night.