20 Stunning Backyard Patio Deck Ideas


We wanted to explore the varied and interesting corners of the world of patio decks, bringing back the best examples we could find to share with you.

We discovered a few neat things. First, the configurations and layouts of decks are nearly limitless. The size and shape are just as often entirely unmoored, metaphorically, from the house these decks are attached to, limited only by the designers’ imagination and the surrounding landscape.

Second, we learned that not all patio decks fit the general understanding of a natural wood plank construction; we’ve gathered a handful of examples with surprising builds and novel materials.

Finally, we learned that the very placement of patio decks can be found in novel spaces. Sandwiched between two parts of the home, sprawling linearly out into the yard, or overlooking a nearby lake, you’ll see these patios in refreshing places.

We hope you feel as inspired and awed by the lavish constructions on display below. We certainly do!


This raised patio deck features rich natural hardwood throughout, including steps down to the lawn and a pair of raised benches built into the deck itself. A slim planter wall borders the deck at right.


This raised hardwood deck stretches over two large tiers, wrapping a brick home with seaside views. The warm toned fencing surrounding the space contains a portable bar setup in the foreground and relaxation settings at the far end.


Spanning the space between the main home structure itself and a matching pool house, this orange stained patio deck holds both a full dining set and bench swing on its ample square footage. Just a couple steps above a sprawling lawn, it’s a rich counterpoint to the expansive green yard.


This slim, minimalist deck bridges a lengthy garden pond, connecting the house and lawn on the other side. With no railings or other flourishes, the sleek wood paneling stands in heightened contrast with its surroundings.


Here we have an absolutely sprawling, sleek deck, comprised of large format wood panels in an innovative scale. The warm wood tone creates a counterpoint to the modern minimalist shape, providing ample space for a series of chaise loungers.


Seen through a large glass patio door opening, this bespoke concrete patio fills a simple but effective square space in an open yard, overlooking an expansive valley in the distance. A simple setup with wrought iron dining set and concrete benches stands surrounded by shapely shrubbery.


This small red brick home hosts a light natural wood patio with a lower wraparound tier, bordered by rich red hued planks. The cozy space holds plenty of room for dining and grilling, overlooking a wide lawn.


Here we have another elevated, sprawling deck. This example appears in light beige painted wood, meshing perfectly with the exterior of the home itself. With ample space for multiple seating sets and views overlooking a surrounding forest, this patio style is perfect for rural settings.


Next to a thoroughly modern home with enormous exterior glass paneling, this rustic wood deck hangs suspended high above the surrounding landscape. With a minimalist grey patio dining set adding contrast, the rustic deck stands out.


This ultra-modern home makes efficient use of its slim landscape footprint, with a white clad deck extending directly from a room wrapped in full height glazing. Concrete slabs provide the base for an extended bench seat along the fence, forming a grill enclosure at the end.


This entirely sheltered patio stands large format stone tile flooring and a set of dark rattan and orange cushioned patio furniture beneath an immense vaulted ceiling. Rich red toned exposed beams carry the ceiling, which also covers a stone wrapped fireplace and grill set.


Next to this beige wood house in a lushly green area, this raised patio deck hovers on two tiers: a smaller one wrapping the kitchen space holds a dining set and planters, while the lower, larger segment houses a large jacuzzi.


Standing sheltered beneath a large overhanging roof with rich hardwood ceiling panels, this stone floor patio appears in muted grey, contrasting with the surrounding landscape and bright natural wood chairs with mint green cushions. An array of patio doors and a built-in outdoor fireplace add comfort and ease of access.


This curvy patio deck in bleached natural wood roams throughout the yard in languid fashion, hugging a thick garden and brushing against the stone pool surround at the far end.


Here’s another raised patio deck, hanging in high contrast with the light beige home, with dark grey stained hardwood flooring. A light, warm wood toned railing surrounds, hugging a set of bamboo furniture between the sliding glass doors of the home and the landscape below.


Here’s another bespoke stone-flooring patio stretching out beneath a sheltering ceiling. This time, an expansive upper level deck runs over this ground-floor space, decorated in minimal fashion and accessed via a series of sliding glass doors at left.


This unique and elegant deck solution involves hardwood flooring matching the beige tone of the home, with white railings wrapped around, using glass instead of wood, for an entirely transparent look.


This uniquely hued deck pairs black stained hardwood flooring with light, natural wood privacy fencing and a transparent white overhang ceiling for a nearly completely sheltered appearance. The deck houses multiple planters and enough space for dining and grilling.


Finally, we witness another wraparound patio. This second floor deck sports grey stained hardwood flooring with white fencing all around, matching the white window frames on the beige house itself. A series of skylights helps illuminate the sheltered space, hosting a plethora of white wicker seating options.