10 Fantastic DIY Garden Projects


Do you have the urge to get crafty in the garden, but just don’t know where to start? We’ve put together a list just for you.

Normally, we choose a direction and stick with it, writing about specific projects or variations on a theme. Today, however, we wanted to leap in several directions at once, sharing ideas themselves as starting points for anyone stuck in the garden with energy to spare.

Some of the ideas shared below have been covered more thoroughly on our site before, while others are completely new. Each image is, of course, accompanied by a link the original site, with information and DIY guides to help you recreate the project in your own garden.

If you’re staring out over your yard, pondering what to do next, try any one of these projects. Maybe you’ll take the idea and run with it, crafting something wholly personal. Maybe you’ll simply get an idea of your own, born from the inspiration on display here. Either way, we hope you get out there and put your gardening skills to work on a fun and creative DIY project!

1. DIY Log Planter


Source: HallmarkChannel

When we discovered this project, we couldn’t contain our excitement. The thought of using an old hollowed out log as a beautiful, natural container garden is too special to resist. Try this out with any piece of wood you particularly fancy!

2. Build Your Own Tree Bench

Source: ThisOldHouse

This is one of those garden projects that will look fantastic for years to come, with friends and family never guessing that you made it yourself. The process requires some woodworking skills, but the materials are cheap, so be sure to check out the guide. The results speak for themselves.

3. Conceal Your Air Conditioner


Source: BHG

The exterior of your home is where first impressions are made, and a lot of us don’t like the singularly blunt appearance of a large AC unit outside the home. This project is a relatively simple and inexpensive way to beautify this essential but ugly part of your landscape.

4. Succulent Fountain

Here’s a spectacular way to repurpose any fountain. Using the bowl structure as a container garden, you can fill it with beautiful succulents and watch them spill over like a hyper-colored take on garden fountains.

5. Brick Herb Markers

Source: Simpledetails

This simple, effective, and truly fun project is a fanciful way to properly label your garden without cluttering it up with signs. The only needed materials are a bit of paint, some decent handwriting, and any brick you’d like.

6. Dress Your Fence Up


Source: TootsieTime

There are hundreds of ways to add detail to your garden, but dressing up the fence is one of the most effective. Filling in that vertical space surrounding the garden itself expands the visual palette and adds an entirely new realm for you to play with and decorate. This project involves hanging planters, but the possibilities are endless.

7. DIY Vertical Flower Bed


Source: TheIdeaRoom

Looking to hide a particularly boring wall, or simply add more flowers when you’ve run out of flat ground? The vertical garden is an impossible to resist DIY project, allowing you to add the beauty of new growth to virtually any space. There are myriad ways of achieving this, but the instructions linked provide a particularly innovative approach.

8. Pallet Garden Path

Source: FunkyJunkInteriors

While there are dozens of DIY projects that can be crafted from old wooden pallets, this idea for a gorgeous garden path caught our attention most. We shared an in-progress image above, but the final product, seen via the link above, is a beautiful expression of fun and practicality in any garden.

9. Garden Balls

Source: HGTV

We recently ran an entire post about the wild world of garden balls, sharing the many different ways you can create your own. This image shows a ball sporting flat marbles, one of the easiest and most beautiful expressions of this design.

10. Raised Garden Beds


There are few better ways of visually pumping up your garden than with the venerable raised garden bed. These visually distinguish a segment of growth, add a layer of ornamentation, and can even protect against pests.


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