Clever DIY Cucumber Trellis Ideas

DIY Cucumber trellis ideas
It’s just plain fact that fruits and veggies picked fresh out of the garden simply taste better! If you’re looking to enjoy the delicious taste of garden-fresh cucumbers all summer long, you will be surprised how easy it is to grow them yourself. Don’t forget you can also make your own pickles, adding in any kind of seasoning you like for creative, yummy pickles that will last you long after summer comes to an end.

If you’re growing cucumbers, it won’t be long before you realize that having a trellis will make the most of your harvest. Cucumbers have very heavy water content compared to many vegetables, meaning that as they grow on the ground they become more susceptible to rotting quickly. Building your own cucumber trellis will not only make harvesting them an easy treat, but it will also protect them from rotting, giving you a much more fruitful cucumber harvest.

Sure, you can buy a cucumber trellis at any old home and lawn store, but where’s the fun in that? There are many simple DIY options to build your own trellis. We’ve put together five creative cucumber trellis ideas that are easy to build and will grow an abundance of summer cucumbers in even the smallest yard.

Rustic Fence Cucumber Trellis

This trellis has a charming rustic look and you can make it for next to nothing money-wise. You may have the needed items lying around your house. If not, it also makes for a good excuse to talk to your neighbors about getting the “goods” to build this DIY trellis. All you need to do is find wood or fence posts and dig four holes that will support the posts. You then set your posts up to touch, sort of resembling a teepee. Secure the posts together and then use nails to add a layer of fencing or crossed wire for the trellis to creep upward as it grows. Ta-dah! You’re now the proud builder of a rustic, teepee-style trellis! Check out the step-by-step guide from the real farmhouse.

Ladder Trellis

Cucumber vines love to creep and this DIY ladder trellis simply lets cucumbers do their thing! All you need is an old wooden ladder. Place the ladder where you would like the cucumbers to grow and surround it with some type of barrier that keeps the vines from creeping too far horizontally. For an extra dash of charm, repaint the ladder a nice summer color like blue, yellow or a rustic off-white. You can even paint it to match the trim of your house. A painted ladder trellis will look stunning once the large green leaves and vines begin to work their way up the ladder.  Do-It-Yourself Danielle has the full tutorial

Clothesline Climbing Trellis

This simple trellis is perfect for cucumbers and any other climbing vegetable. All you need to start is a wooden lattice to serve as the frame for the trellis. The lattice can either be mounted into the ground by digging simple holes or lean up against a fence or the side of your house. Add some simple screws or nails a few inches apart, running vertically upward. Then, simply follow the tutorial to string clothesline back and forth, making squares for the cucumber vines to wrap around while they grow upward and outward. Check out the how-to guide from Veggie Gardener.

10-Minute Fence Wire Trellis

This one will take a trip to your local home and garden store, but it also takes just 10 minutes to build this trellis once you’ve bought the very inexpensive supplies. This DIY cucumber trellis is perfect for anyone who already has a raised garden in their yard. The trellis is made of fencing and two concrete rebar pipes that will stand up perfectly alongside one of the border edges of the raised garden. Once you’ve set up the pipes and secured them with wire ties, you have created the perfect trellis for cucumbers to flourish. Check out California Gardening’s nifty video tutorial on this 10-minute cucumber trellis.