DIY Grow Box: This Design Creates 28 sq feet of Growing Space

plant tower

This grow box has the extra advantage of being built with casters, which makes it easier to move. The supplies you’ll need to build it are readily available. You’ll need shade cloth or landscaping cloth, PVC pipes, casters, 2 x 4 boards, chicken wire, burlap, U-nails, screws, and a bamboo tepee trellis.

After cutting the 2 x 4 boards to the specified lengths, you’ll build the frame by joining the boards with screws. Then, the box must be encased in chicken wire. Next you’ll line the box with the landscaping cloth in order to retain soil. Burlap will be attached to the outer walls.

When you fill the box with soil, you’ll place the PVC pipes throughout the soil vertically. These have holes drilled in them, and they’ll aid you with watering. You’ll need about 5 bags each containing 2 cubic feet of organic soil to fill the grow box.

Many types of plants are appropriate for this system, such as strawberries, lettuce, and cabbage. A grow box like this one will let you discover just how much production you can achieve on a sunny patio.