10 Simple DIY Flower Pot Bird Bath Ideas

We have been using bird houses, bird baths and bird feeders in our gardens for as long as we can remember. They are a classic addition to any garden space, and the benefit of having feathered friends in the backyard is always a pleasure!

Bird baths are especially great because they are easy to maintain and you don’t necessarily have to worry about adding fresh water regularly, especially if you have frequent rain in your area. Even more exciting is that they are so easy to create by yourself!

With almost any amount of terra cotta pots or other kinds of flower pots, you can make your own bird bath that will surely get some compliments from neighbors and friends, as well as make the birds in your area happy to finally be clean!

Take a look through these 10 examples and find some inspiration for your own bird bath! If you need some help getting started, we have included links to some great DIY instructions for each design, written by the designers themselves!

1. Spring Themed Bird Bath


You will see this particular formation of flowerpots to create a stylish bird bath quite often. The large base formed by the flower pots and the large dish on top just has the perfect look. With a good bonding agent and some paint, it is as simple as ever to create your own birdbath just like this one!

2. Clay Pot Bird Bath


This bird bath stand a little taller than the usual two pot design. With four pots stacked atop each other to create the base, this bath is a bit taller and has a a smaller base than other designs we have seen. The construction of a design like this is just as simple as the others, but still has a different style and will look great in any garden. For some other ideas on how to turn this bird bath into an outdoor table or bedside table, follow this link for the designers input.

 3. Large Rose Bird Bath


A classic design, this bird bath has a clean white base with elegant roses painted around the base. You can see that the bottom of the bath also features painted pink flowers. The hardest thing about creating a bird bath like this one would be the painting, but the actual construction is a breeze. Follow the instructions here, and also see some other great examples of flower pot bird baths.

4. Red Clay Pot Bird Bath


This design is just as simple as the rest and may even be a bit more sturdy due to the design of the base. Simply stack flower pots upside down, starting with the largest pot on the bottom and ending with the smallest on top. These pots can be glued together, and then all you need to do is glue the pan on top for the bath, and your creation will be ready for use! For some more detailed instructions, visit the designer’s blog here.

5. Eclectic Clay Pot Bird Bath


We call this birdbath design “eclectic” because it incorporates three different themes into one! We love the creativity and feel this is the kind of originality that should go into every garden craft! The actual construction of this bird bath follows the same process like many others that we have seen, but the paintings is what sets this one apart. For some more details on what you need to create this bath, follow this link.

6. Bold Colored Flower Pot Bird Bath


Starting with the largest pot on bottom, smaller pots are stacked upside down with a large saucer on top for the bath. This bird bath has a glossy finish, with bold colors painted on each separate pot. The colors are darkest the the bottom, and get lighter as the pots get smaller. The vibrant green is a nice touch for the saucer. To see how the designer made this bath, follow this link.

7. Bird Bath Bling


This design uses a saucer for both the top bowl and for the bottom of the base, making the entire bird bath somewhat symmetrical. These designers decided to add some flair to the bath by glueing various sized stones to the outer surface of the flower pots. To see how they created this fun bird bath, visit their blog here.

8. Urn & Flower Pot Bird Bath


This bird bath is the most unique out of all our examples, using different-sized urn’s for the construction rather than just regular terra cotta flower pots. Urns like this can be found in any craft or gardening store, and they happen to look great whether you want to create a bird bath out of one or just simply plant your own flowers. To see detailed instructions and pictures of how to build a bird bath like this one, visit the designer’s blog here.

9. Simple Terra Cotta Bird Bath


By starting with a large base, the designer was able to create this great looking bird bath from just four flower pots. This particular design is pretty simple in both the construction as well as the painting. Sometimes that is exactly what you need for your garden. Painting an intricate design may seem like the best choice, but sometimes it is the simple decor in your garden that really make the space look whole.

10. Mosaic Bird Bath


This bird bath takes the simple traditional construction we have seen, and incorporates the wonderful mosaic design style. With this bath, it would be best to start off by decorating your pots. Once you get each pot and saucer ready with its chips of tile, then you can glue the pots together to form this amazing bird bath. Find some other great ideas for flower pot bird baths here.

Add a Solar Fountain Pump to any Bird Bath!

Easy to use Eco-Friendly Solar Fountain Pump! You can turn any birdbath into a lovely fountain with this easy-to-use pump! Some birds LOVE moving water! To learn more on how easy to use these pumps, check out this post here.