25 Garden Birdhouses To Tweet About


Birdhouses are a great addition to any garden or backyard! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have many large trees in your garden, you too can add a beautiful or creative birdhouse to your display.

One of the best parts of a birdhouse is that you can pretty much design them however you like (or however your kids like!) If you’d like a simple wooden birdhouse without any adornment, you can easily make or buy one. If you’d prefer something a little more quirky and cute, like the birdhouses above, you can make a fun summer project out of it!

Or you can get a little more ambitious and creative and build some of the more mammoth varieties of birdhouses we’ve found floating around the internet!

Get ready to see some of the coolest birdhouse ideas you’ve ever seen, and to be inspired to build a few of your own.

Of course, if you’re more of a bird watcher than a DIY superstar, you can also find a few that you can easily purchase online.

We hope you enjoy these fantastic examples of creative and fun birdhouses!

1. “Tree” Trellis Birdhouse Cluster

Source: Happy City Birds

We start out with an amazing cluster of birdhouses supported by a tree built out of two-by-fours. Like a trellis, this tree climbs up the side of a tall building. The backdrop is painted blue to further the effect.

2. Colorful Bird Shanty


This homemade birdhouse is mounted on a thick stump and has slightly off-center entrances and exits. A small rustic “fence” is added for character and quirkiness.

3. Standard Birdhouse On a Branch


The old standby is a standby for a reason. This simple birdhouse is painted in bright pink and light green. A sturdy hanger is built onto the birdhouse so that it won’t come loose in less than favorable weather.

4. Rustic Open Birdhouse


This simple birdhouse was constructed from birch branches and bark and is perfect against this winter backdrop.

5. Kitschy Birdhouses


You can build your own birdhouse and decorate it to suit your desires. The birds don’t necessarily care that their home is bright or colorful, but you will be proud to display these lovelies.

6. Love Shack


The bent and curved frame of this shack is brightened up by the heart-shaped entrance and two brightly colored parrot figurines.

7. Guitar Birdhouses

Source: Etsy

These birdhouses are built exactly the same way as a regular birdhouse, but the front is replaced with a guitar-shaped section of wood. Perfect for any music lover!

8. Perch-less Birdhouse


It’s important to keep your birdhouses high off the ground to protect baby birds from insects. Taking away the perch on the outside also protects nests from other predators.

9. Stone and Succulent Birdhouse


This is a great way to create a sturdy birdhouse with a bit of greenery. Succulents are easy to care for and look great!

10. Rustic Stump Birdhouse


This simple, rustic birdhouse is built from a hollowed out section of the tree with a section of bark for the roof. A sturdy chain secures it to the branch it’s hanging from.

11. Ceramic Hand-Painted Birdhouses

Source: Susan Shelton

Artist Susan Shelton created these brightly colored ceramic birdhouses. Attached to tall posts, they look great in any garden.

12. Simple Wood Birdhouse with Tin Roof

This birdhouse can be mounted on a pole or hung from a branch using the butterfly loop at the point of the roof. The addition of a textured front to the woodgrain makes this a truly stunning piece.

13. Treetop Birdhouse with Gazebo


While the birds will probably never appreciate the gazebo, this miniature log cabin is an incredible work of art. Birds can nest inside of the cabin, or below the stilted deck.

14. Birdhouse Hotel


There’s plenty of room for dozens of birds and their nests in this intricately designed bird hotel. While this birdhouse is a craft not for the faint of heart, it looks incredible when finished and displayed.

15. Gourd Hanging Birdhouses

Source: Ut Market Garden

Hollowed out gourds, when treated against the elements, make for beautiful natural birdhouses. These are hung by repurposing an old wire clothes hanger.

16. Black Cherry Stained Glass Birdhouse

Source: Black Hills Glassworks

The delicate beauty of this birdhouse comes from the stained glass it’s made out of. Against the sunny dunes, the glass takes on the appearance of a nebula.

17. “Sylvester” Birdhouse


This adorable birdhouse is great for cat-lovers and will get a chuckle out of your guests as they watch birds flit in and out of the cat’s mouth.

18. Large Mouth Bass Birdhouse


Source: Outside Inside Gifts

This is a great gift for the fisherman in your life. This easily mountable birdhouse has a removable back for easy cleaning and drainage holes as well.

19. Cluster Wrapped Birdhouses


These simple and minimalistic birdhouses are wrapped entirely around the trunk and branches of a sturdy tree, creating a fascinating display for a large host of birds of all sizes.

20. Hand Crafted Lighthouse Birdhouse


Source: Dutch Crafters

This awesome birdhouse was hand crafted and each detail is utterly perfect. This design is perfect for beachfront homes.

21. Whimsical Copper Kettle


This antique copper tea kettle has been repurposed as a hanging birdhouse. Adding this to your garden would make a statement about your style.

22. Upcycled Boom Box


You might not have a need for your old cassette player and radio, but if you hollow it out, you’ll have a great birdfeeder and birdhouse in one! Best of all, the handle is a built-in hanger.

23. Hiking Boot Birdhouse


If you only have one worn out boot, this is a perfect project for you. You won’t have to do much to turn it into a birdhouse. Let’s hope the birds don’t mind the smell!

24. Birdhouse Planter


While most birds nest higher up, this planter is perfect for the species that prefer to nest in burrows.

25. “Big Brother” Birdhouse


This discreet birdhouse is built to look like a security camera, and the sturdy design means it can be mounted anywhere!