DIY Birdfeeders: Make Your Garden An Avian Paradise


We’ve already begun hearing that eternal call of springtime, the songs of local birds. There’s nothing more optimistic and auspicious than the chatter of birds, letting us know that the snow and cold are leaving for the year. With this thought in mind, we’d like to ensure that our homes are surrounded by local featured treasures throughout the year. Everyone can buy a bird feeder. Looking down the rows of nearby houses, you’re likely to see the same few models repeated. The best way to add a bit of artistry and originality to your own garden? Craft your very own bird feeder! We’ve selected 15 of our favorite DIY bird feeder ideas from around the web and shared them here. From full recycling projects to innovative new uses for fruit, we’ve got the wild spectrum covered. Along with each image, you’ll see a link to learn more. Follow these to find any and all instructions, and you’ll be well on your way to having the most avian-friendly property in town!

1. Cup and Saucer Feeder

Following our linked instructions and exercising a bit of elbow grease, you can create a stunning array of bird feeders using any type of cup and saucer and a few minimal tools.

bird feeder parts

Source: Erinscreative

2. Wine Bottle Feeders

For the wine connoisseur, the supplies for this project may already be sitting around. If not, you can easily create them while having a fun night with friends!

Source: thegardenroofcoop

3. Old Shoe Feeder

As one of the most effortless ideas on this list, the shoe feeder makes a surprisingly fun project. Virtually any old shoe can work, and as seen in our photo, the feeder could also be made into an ad hoc bird house!


Source: Pinterest

4. Mason Jar Feeder

Using a mason jar of any size, you can craft – with the purchase of a few added supplies – a gorgeous, utilitarian bird feeder. This is one of the most traditionally styled and useful ideas on our list.


Source: Thegardenroofcoop

5. Milk Carton Feeder

Here’s one of the ideas that your kids may love to be involved with. Old milk or juice cartons can be repainted in any color you like, and hung with string or pipe cleaners. Using a wooden spoon as a perch, every supply will be found in your kitchen.


6. Pine Cone Feeders

This is a fun variation on the traditional suet feeders found in rectangular form around the country. While not terribly expensive at retail, there’s a certain satisfaction to crafting these little feeders in your own home, with natural elements.

7. Sisal Rope Bird Feeder

This project uses only some sisal rope and an old tin can to craft a perfectly suitable, beautiful feeder. It’s one of the cheapest ideas on the list but also one of the most useful.


Source: Dabblesandbabbles

8. Cookie Cutter Feeders

Fun to make and fantastic to see in use, cookie cutter bird feeders can be hung in an amazing variety of shapes. Birds love them and you’ll love seeing them. Kids love to help with these, too!

Source: eighteen25

9. Popsicle Stick Feeder

This incredibly fun project is perfect for letting the whole family join in. Children love helping out, especially when it involves both popsicle sticks and nature.

Source: Tonyastaab

10. Orange Rind Feeder

As one of the most ready-made projects we’ve got, obtaining the materials is half the fun! Using virtually any orange and a bit of string, you’ve got a natural cup that’ll hold any feed you prefer.


Source: Sheknows

11. Handmade Clay Feeder

If you enjoy working with clay and feeding birds, why not combine these passions? Creating a simple bowl then employing some string and feed will net you a perfect little homemade bird feeder.


Source: Hellonatural

12. Flower Pot Feeder

Using a drill very slowly, you too can create an adorable little terra cotta bird feeder using virtually any pot you have sitting around unused.


Source: Allthingsheartandhome

13. Tea Cup Feeder

What better way to welcome your feathered friends in the spring than with this beautiful teacup bird feeder? Beside the cup and saucer itself, all you’ll need is some glue and a way to hang the project!


Source: Mommymoment

14. Recycled Metal Feeder

As one of the more involved projects, tool-wise, the results for this idea speak for themselves. There are few homemade feeders more unique or compelling than this one. Our example photo shows one involving license plates and silverware, but the possibilities are limited only by your supplies.



15. Window Feeder

Using a minimal amount of wood cutting skills and some suction cups, you can have a sweet little see-through feeder right on your home’s windows. Nothing will allow you a closer view of your feathered friends!


Source: Ana-White

We hope you’re as excited as we are about springtime and the prospect of beautiful aerial chatter in the neighborhood. With any of these fantastic projects, you’ll be welcoming an abundance of birds to your garden!