23 Stunning Fairies & Angel Garden Statues

fairy statues

When you have an outdoor garden that is large and full of colorful plants, you are going to want to add unique décor to the space. This can include stepping stones, shrubs, edging, and more, but one of the most decorative options that you can consider is a stunning statue that can become a focal point in any garden. I have come to love having angel statues in my garden as well as fairies. Anything with wings will give your garden a whimsical feel that makes it seem like you are in another world while you are in the space.

Angel statues represent protection, so having them in your garden means that your plants will thrive and it will create a barrier of protection against the evil spirits that attempt to enter your garden. These statues can be large or small, and they can be in a number of different positions. Some will watch over you and your home, some will express forgiveness for your wrongdoings, and some will have a deeper meaning that is important to you.

When you purchase one of these statues, you are going to want to consider the quality,  because most likely, it is going to be outside in your garden through the rain, wind, and intense sun. This means that the surface of the statue will take some abuse, which is why it is important to have a durable statue that will last. It is also important to purchase a statue that has a UV coating on it as well as something to make it water-resistant.

In this gallery, you will see 23 different statues that are available on the market for purchase. Some are made of ceramic, while others are crafted out of stone. Some are hand-painted, while others retain a natural look.

1. Garden Fairy Holding a Cardinal

Moonrays 91351 Solar Powered Garden Fairy with Glowing Cardinal

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This fairy is sitting on a moss-covered rock while holding a cardinal in her hands that glow in the dark. She has long flowing hair that lays across her shoulders, and brass wings that have an intricate floral design. On her head, there is a band of red and blue flowers, which matches the flowers on the rock.

2. Angel with a Glowing Dove

Moonrays Solar LED Fairy Garden Decor In Angel With Glowing Dove Design

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Another glowing figurine that you can put in your garden is this angel. She is kneeling on a rock with a glowing dove in her hands. The angel was painted by hand, and you can easily see all of the details that are present in her hair and her wings.

3. Fairy Sitting in the Window

Bits and Pieces - Fairy House with Ladder Hanging Tree Sculpture - Outdoor Tree Statue - Whimsical Hand Painted Polyresin Garden Decoration

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This is a stature that is designed to be placed on a tree. It creates a window on the tree where the fairy can sit and look out into the garden below. There are flowers surrounding her on the windowsill and a ladder hanging down from the window.

4. Fannie the Fairy Sitting Statue

Design Toscano Fannie the Garden Fairy Sitting Statue, 12 Inch, Polyresin, Full Color

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Fannie is a shy little fairy that will sit on any wall or edge in your outdoor space. She has roses throughout her hair, metal wings with a floral pattern, and a cute tattered dress. As she sits with her legs crossed, a bird lands on her knee. All of the details on this statue have been painted by hand.


5. Tessa the Teasing Fairy Statue

Design Toscano Teasing Tessa The Fairy Statue

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Tessa is another very colorful fairy statue that is sitting on a rock that is surrounded by grass and brightly colored flowers. Her outfit is made of vines, leaves, and flowers, and her metallic wings have a breathtaking floral design that is visible as she stares into the garden in front of her.

6. A Garden Fairy with a Globe

Moonrays 91352 Solar Powered Garden Fairy with Glowing Globe

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This fairy is leaning on a tree that has beautiful lavender blooms. At the bottom of the tree, there is an orb that glows in the dark. You can change the color to match your garden, and the statue is solar powered, so it should last for several hours after the sunset.

7. Fairy Statue Playing the Flute

Design Toscano Fairy of the West Wind Sitting Garden Statue, 19 Inch, Polyresin, Two Tone Stone

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This fairy statue is something special, especially if you love music. She is wearing a dress that is made from leaves, and as she sits on a ledge in your garden, she plays the flute. The statue is coated with a UV resistant finish that is designed to protect the sculpted resin from the sun.

8. Decorative Fairy Resting on a Ledge

Napco 11235 Sitting Fairy Garden Statue, 24"

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This fairy is one that is designed to sit on a ledge in your garden. She is sitting with one leg up and a hand on her knee. Her skirt is made from leaves, and she has flowers throughout her hair. This statue is 24 inches tall, and it is crafted from resin that is designed to last.

9. Pretty Purple Fairy Laying in the Garden

George S. Chen Imports SS-G-91589 Young Purple And Blue Fairy Lying On Stomach In Garden Statue, Small

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Not all fairies are going to wear angelic clothing, so if you are looking for a statue with a bit of spunk, this is a great option. She is laying in a bed of lavender. Her clothes are purple, and her wings are open on her back.

10. Fiona the Kneeling Flower Fairy

Design Toscano KY71004 Fiona The Flower Fairy Garden Statue, 17 Inch, Antique Stone

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Fiona is a lovely fairy that is crafted from stone. As she kneels in your garden, her presence will be felt. She has delicate wings that look like they are made of lace and an intricate flower wreath on the crown of her head. This statute is only about 17 inches tall, so it will fit in almost any garden.

11. Sunflower Fairy Holding a Bird Feeder

Design Toscano EU41620 The Sunflower Fairy Garden Statue Bird Feeder, 20 Inch, Two Tone Stone

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This fairy is another one that is crafted from a combination of crushed stone and resin, which makes it easy to carve. The fairy is sitting in a position with her knees raised. Her arms are resting on her knees, and she is holding a small bird feeder for the birds in your garden to enjoy.

12. Garden Statue of a Redemption Angel

Design Toscano Remembrance and Redemption Angel Religious Garden Statue, Medium 15 Inch, Polyresin, Antique Stone

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If you are looking for an angel that has a more religious meaning, then this one is a great option. The angel has her feet positioned on a rock, and she is kneeling down in an almost fetal position. Her arms are wrapped around her knees, and wings are opened in an upright fashion.

13. Angel Statue Holding a Cross

Goose Creek Angel Resin Statue Seasonal Figurine Ornaments Polystone Doll for Home and Outdoor Garden Decoration

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This angel statue, which is made from poly-stone, is beautiful. The angel was crafted by hand, and all of the details that you see in the wings and the dress were all hand-painted. This statue is the ideal size to place on a table or a small ledge in your garden.

14. Tall Garden Statue Made of Metal

Y&K Decor Antiqued Metal Garden Angel Statue Patio Lawn Yard Indoor Outdoor Decorations (25.5")

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This angel will make a great addition to any yard or garden. The statue stands about 32 inches tall, and there is a lattice design at the base of it where you can grow your plants and train them to intertwine between the bars. She is holding a heart, and her wings are spread, welcoming you to the garden.

15. Heavenly Angel Kneeling in the Garden

Joseph's Studio 16" Kneeling Angel Garden Statue

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For more religious décor, this statue of a kneeling angel will be the perfect option. As she gazes at the sky, she prays for forgiveness. Her wings are spread out, and her hands are pressed together. There are roses near her knees.

16. Bella the Cat With Angel Wings

Bellaa 29684 Sleeping Cat with Angel Wings Garden Statue Memorial Pet

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If you are a pet lover, then this angelic cat named Bella will be the perfect addition to your garden. She is curled up tightly sleeping on a slab that reads “No longer by my side, but forever in my heart.”

17. Dog Statue of a Sleeping Angel

Bellaa Dog Statue Memorial Pet Sleeping Angel with Wings Garden Sculpture

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This dog statue is a great option that you can consider if you’ve lost a furry friend in the past. The dog, which is sleeping on a memorial slab, has very detailed fur that was crafted and painted by hand. The wings on his back are raised so that you can see that he was a good boy.

18. A Praying Guardian Angel

Fox Valley Traders WalterDrake Resin Angel Statue - Religious Garden Statue Remembrance Memorial Guardian Angel – 16 inch

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This statue is a full 16 inches tall, which means that it can easily be the centerpiece of your garden. Crafted from beautiful stone and finished with a coating that is designed to protect it from inclement weather, this statue is of an angel who is praying for your protection.


19. Angel Guarding Our Children

Roman 16" Joseph's Studio Angel with Children Outdoor Garden Statue

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Nothing is more important than the well-being of our children, and this statue shows an angel guarding and caring for two young souls. She has her wings gently wrapped around the children, and they are playing with a bird and a rabbit.

20. Feeling God’s Grace

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This angel is breathtaking; she is wearing a lace gown, and her wings are full of feathers. This angel has a child-like face, and she is here to guide and protect you. The statue is coated with a protective layer to keep it from fading, and the angel stands about two-feet tall.

21. Angel Holding A Nest Full of Birds

Roman 24" Joseph's Studio Angel Holding Bird's Nest Outdoor Garden Statue

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This angel statue, which is about 24 inches tall, is dressed in a long, flowing robe. She has a crown of flowers around her head, and she holds a bird’s nest in her hands.

22. A Little Sleeping Angel

Joseph Studio 40070 Long Sleeping Girl Angel Statue, 11.75-Inch

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This statue is a resin and stone mix that makes carving the details of the hair and the wings easier. This little girl is laying down with her hands under her head. Her eyes are closed, and her wings seem to almost cover her like a blanket.

23. An Angel Feeding the Birds

Grasslands Road Villa Cherub Girl Birdfeeder Statuary

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This angel statue is wearing a long gown that she has held up to create a pocket. The pocket is filled with seeds, and as she looks into the garden, birds can land on her gown and enjoy a quiet meal.