10 DIY Stepping Stone Ideas For Your Garden


One thing that can pull any garden together is creating a path. You can always shell out a lot of money to have someone pave a path for you, the DIY approach is usually more fun (and cheaper). The options are endless when it comes to types of paths you can create. Repurposing old wood, growing a moss path, and using bark or mulch are just a few choices. One of the most customizable and easiest ways is to use stepping stones.

Making your own stepping stones is a great way to personalize your garden since you can design and style them any way that you want. Your creativity is the only limit! You can use basic concrete to pour your own stones or purchase pre-made ones and make them your own with paint and stencils. You can take a more traditional approach and pick up a cobblestone mold or get creative with broken china and game pieces.

Here we’ve found 10 different tutorials to spark you own ideas for creating a beautiful garden path of your own. While tutorials offer a great guide, don’t be afraid to stray away from the directions and make the project your own.

1. Simple Concrete Stepping Stone DIY

DIY Garden Stones

This is a wonderfully simple tutorial utilizing items everyone has around the house. The mold for the stones is a non-stick cake pan. Even better, it doesn’t ruin the pan at all!

Source: intimateweddings.com

2. Textured Stepping Stone

These beautifully textured stepping stones are created using old rubber door mats cut to fit the shape of the stone. They make a unique and eye-catching path in any garden.

3. Mosaic Flagstone

flagstone mosaic

These super customizable stepping stones use flagstones as a base for the mosaic work. Use marbles, glass, or pieces of China to create a lovely, colorful stone path. Follow the tutorial to make your own!

4. Imprinted Leaf Stepping Stone


Source: gardentherapy.ca

Using leaves and other plants creates a unique texture to these otherwise simple stepping stones. The tutorial contains plenty of pictures and easy to follow steps to add a little something extra to your garden.

5. Pebble Mosaic Stepping Stone


Source: jefferygardens.blogspot.com

Pathways like this are beautiful and fun. Often found in Italy, the use of pebbles and stones in mosaics is an old practice. This tutorial covers small stepping stones and also how to make astounding, swirling pathways.

6. Lace Patterned Stepping Stones


Source: instructables.com

Lace patterns add some definite class to these otherwise boring stepping stones. The tutorial is detailed and easy to follow, as are making these stones.

7. Broken China Stepping Stones

blue mosaic

Source: midwestliving.com

Old china comes in many lovely patterns and designs that it’s no wonder the also make beautiful mosaics. Mix and match dishes using this easy to follow tutorial to brighten up your own garden.

8. Stained Stepping Stones

staining better

Source: thriftdee.com

Staining concrete is a pretty easy task, but staining stones already in your garden can be harmful to your plants. This tutorial offers a simple, and safe, way for you to update already existing paths.

9. Stenciled Stepping Stones


For those of us without a lot of artistic talent, stencils are a great choice to add some flair to any project. This tutorial suggests stenciling with concrete stain or outdoor paint to liven up a boring stone.

10. Kid-Friendly Hopscotch Stepping Stones

Source: readbetweenthelimes.blogspot.com

Put some fun into your garden or backyard with these simple hopscotch stepping stones. The steps may be simple but there is no denying that they add a charming touch.