13 Solar Water Fountain Pump Ideas


For anyone interested in adding a water feature to thier garden, the Solar Powered Fountain Pump is an excellent choice. This simple, affordable fountain runs automatically off of sunlight. No ugly, complicated wires or environmentally harmful batteries are necessary. Not only that, but the movement of the water helps keep standing-water pests, like mosquitoes, at bay.

Anywhere you have direct sunlight, you could have a new fountain bubbling away. This particular fountain comes with various nozzles, too, meaning that you can fully customize the look of the spray. From a powerful pond jet to a small burbling spring, the calming visions and sounds of a fountain are easy to add to any garden with this solar pump.

Need some inspiration? If you know you want a water feature but aren’t sure how to begin, this is the article for you. Here are fifteen lovely home uses of the solar fountain pump to get you started.

1. Barrel Bath Geyser

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Large jet-style fountain in a converted Japanese-style soaking bath. Here, a family patio is made into a sanctuary through the clever use of a solar fountain in a vintage wooden soaking bath. A serene water feature is made simply by adding a pond liner and the strong solar fountain.

2. Bubbling Spring


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Gentle fountain floats in a shell-style birdbath.

The versatility of the fountain is only limited by imagination. In this garden, a fountain floats lazily shell-shaped bird bath as bronze birds look on. This look has a Grecian style Aphrodite would be right at home in.

3. Sunflower Character Piece

A medium height jet graces a bright sunflower basin. What’s a garden without the brightness of flowers? A colorful sunflower birdbath is brought to life by a fountain fixed at the center of it, bringing a smile to any who walk by. Sunny days, indeed!

4. Ground-Level Kitty Pond


Farm-style metal basin used as a lawn fountain.

For those of us with outdoor feline friends, a lawn fountain is an attractive and useful way to keep them hydrated. Many cats prefer to drink from moving water. Besides, this is much prettier than a plastic cat bowl.

5. Flower Shower

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Tall jet fountain nestled among the flowers. A whimsical addition, this fountain is tucked in among the flowers. From a distance, the powerful spray of this simple fountain adds the sparkle of moving water to an already lovely garden scene.

6. Frog Pond


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Understated ceramic frog basin with medium jet.

This fountain adds a lively character to a young garden. Stabilized with stones, a strong jet adds height and charm and draws attention to the adorable ceramic frog perched on the basin’s edge.

7. Blossoming Fountain

Small accent fountain is hemmed by artificial flowers. For the crafty, a lush oasis can appear anywhere. Here, a small basin is encircled with false flowers to create this fairy pond. Whether on an apartment balcony, desert patio, or in a larger garden, this style is simply charming.

8. Blue Bubbler


A birdbath fountain stands out from the surrounding greenery.

Clearly, a simple green space can become a retreat with the simple addition of a bright accent piece like this blue birdbath fountain. The use of the central jet nozzle creates a bouncing, playful water feature.

9. Porch Rail Bird Bath

Bird bath next to feeder maximizes birds’ enjoyment and aesthetic appeal. Particularly for smaller porches, this idea is a birdwatcher’s dream. Attaching the bird bath fountain to the porch rail means birds can easily take a dip or drink after eating. Once they leave, you can still enjoy your soothing fountain.

10. Rustic Bird Bath Fountain


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Stone, lily-pad style bird bath with small, wide jet fountain.

This fountain brings a change of level in a garden island. The rustic, stone bird bath is right at home among the bountiful greenery and stone edging of this landscaping. The wide jet of water gracefully compliments the lush scene.

11. Tuscan Jet

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A ground-level ceramic pot is filled with stones and a small jetting fountain. In a garden full of eclectic containers and varying levels, this lovely tuscan-style, blue-glazed bowl provides the base for a delightful water addition. Placed low and in the front of the garden, the piece adds great depth.

12. Copper Basin Fount


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Tall jet in a copper basin creates a great front lawn feature.

Not all landscaping is for the back yard. This is a great example of a simple fountain adding interest to a front lawn. Over time, a copper basin such as this one will develop a lovely green patina, too.

13. Porch Centerpiece

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A swirling, dark blue birdbath fountain is a statement piece on a porch. For a large back yard, a fountain is a great way to enhance a socializing space. A birdbath fountain like this one can create a clear centerpiece for a porch, adding visual interest and soft background noise for conversation.