Create An Adorable Little Red Wagon Planter In 3 Easy Steps


Image by: Pretty Handy Girl

If you have a small home without a yard, or maybe just not enough space to really add the magnificent garden of your dreams, a container garden is a great way to add color to the exterior of your home.

One of the best parts of container gardening is picking out your new planter, and you can really get creative with it! Pick an antique, a chair, or even a bicycle. The possibilities are really endless.

Of course, nothing really beats the simplest projects. Little red wagons are something that everyone seems to recognize, hearkening back to a simpler day, when their parents pulled them around in a similar wagon.

To create this adorable little red wagon planter, you’ll need a few tools. One of those tools is a drill–which you’ll use to create drainage holes in the bottom of your wagon. This is an important step that you won’t want to forget, and one of the keys to the success of your container garden.

To aid in drainage, and so you won’t end up losing all your soil should you have a heavy rainstorm you’ll want to add rocks and gravel to the very bottom of your wagon. Next is your all important soil. Once you’ve got your soil nicely distributed, you’re ready to plant!

The featured plants here are impatiens, which do well in full or partial shade, meaning you can definitely place this planter near your front porch! Impatiens are available in beautiful, vibrant colors and many different bloom shapes, including some that look like miniature roses or orchids. They’re also fairy drought-resistant, and require little watering, so be sure you don’t accidentally drown them!

Regardless of which plant you choose to fill your brand new planter with, we’re sure your planter, like this one, will be gorgeous!

To see the full tutorial, including step-by-step instructions, please visit Pretty Handy Girl!

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