Amazing DIY Mushroom Stool Projects

twig and toadstool
Welcome to our article featuring a selection of our favorite DIY garden mushroom stool projects from some incredibly clever DIY blogs.

You might assume that there’s only one way to build a toadstool, but you’d be wrong. There are dozens of ways to create the perfect toadstool for your garden, although we’ve chosen to feature our favorite four projects.

From natural, if oversized, toadstools in a light brown to the more cartoonish red and white mushrooms that call to mind the Mario Bros., you’re sure to find the style you’re looking for.

Build an adorable toadstool table and stools for an outdoor tea party, or just a simple stand-alone version with a soft, padded seat. You’ll be surprised at just how easy each one of these projects is, and how inexpensive to make!

With a bit of paint, ingenuity, and some imagination, you’ll create a fantastic play area for your kids or add a new element of design to your garden.

You’re sure to love these great ideas, and we hope you’ll be inspired as well!

1. Concrete Yard Art Mushrooms


These larger-than-average mushrooms are created using, you guessed it, concrete! Like any project with concrete, you’ll want to tackle this one in a well-ventilated area. You’ll also need a tall vase or tube, a large plate, and a small plate to use as molds. To make sure your mushrooms don’t topple over, you’ll want to bury the stems partially in your soil, and secure the caps of the mushrooms with landscape block adhesive. You can find the full tutorial to make these large or small mushrooms at Instructables.

2. Polka-Dot Mushroom Stool


This adorable and comfy bit of extra seating is constructed from a painted cardboard spool, red and white felt, and a plywood disc. Use a staple gun to attach the fabric to the plywood disc, but don’t forget to add your padding first! Use liquid glue to ensure the cap of the mushroom stays on it’s base.The result might not be waterproof, but it sure will look adorable on your porch! Get the full tutorial with pictures courtesy of Jennifer Perkins at I Love To Create.

3. Upcycled Mushroom Chairs with Table


This adorable miniature dining set is absolutely perfect for your little fairy princess or prince. The stems of the mushroom seats are made of sanded sections of tree trunk, while the caps are painted wooden salad bowls with white contact paper. A screw is used to keep the cap attached to the stem. Add a doily to each chair and it’s all set! For the table, find an old wrought iron end table and paint to match. Find the full tutorial with plenty of pictures and ideas at My Mommy Makes It.

4. Toadstool Chairs

twig and toadstool

This is a variation of the mushroom stools that uses a variety of different sized and ornamented wooden salad bowls to create the tops of the mushrooms, with white duct tape to create the spots. Attach the completed tops to the unpainted, unsanded stems, and bury them in the ground enough to keep them sturdy. Find the full tutorial at Twig and Toadstool!