10 Wonderfully Artistic Hand Painted Flower Pots


You could say that gardening is a very special medium for art. Planting a seed and nurturing it so that it may bloom into something beautiful, is just as artistic as moving a brush across a page, or strumming the strings of a guitar.

Art is all about making connections, whether it be with your inner self, the people around you, or with the physical world that we live in. When we work in our gardens, we are interacting with nature, and putting our own creative fingerprint on it.

The point is, we all have an artist somewhere inside of us, and all it takes to bring our abilities to light is to roll up our sleeves and create something! The beauty of creating art, is that there are no real guidelines. It’s all up to interpretation, and thankfully, you are allowed to interpret whatever you create as a fine masterpiece!

Whether you fancy yourself a painter or not, you can not ignore that fact that you need flower pots for your garden, so why not try something new and paint one yourself!

Check out these beautifully crafted hand painted pots, and see if you can re-create one of these amazing designs. If you want to try something original but don’t know where to start, just take one detail that you like, and warp it into something completely different!

1. Blue Roses Pot


A simple terra cotta pot with a white background blooms into these gorgeous blue roses. Notice the deep, darker colors near the inner parts of the roses, creating depth for the painting.

2. Footprint Butterfly Pot


Recreating this design is a fun and kid-friendly activity. Use whatever colors of paint you think will blend well together, dip your feet in, and go to town! It’s especially fun for children, in that all you need to be an artist is your own two hands and feet!

3. C-3PO Star Wars Pot


Any real Star Wars fan will have an appreciation for this flower pot, which features the likeness of the one and only, C-3PO. He is a lovable robot with a key role in the Star Wars movies, just as a flower pot like this is sure to play a key role in your garden!

4. Watermelon Pot


Source: Pinterest

A bright and colorful design, this summer friendly watermelon pot is perfect for growing any kind of small fruits or veggies. You could even take a different route and try painting other fruits, like a strawberry!

5. Betty Boop Pot


Source: Store Envy

Betty Boop may have originated all the way back in the depression era, but she is still sure to bring a smile to your face today! This fun flower pot features her likeness and would be a great addition to any appropriately themed garden.

6. Fun Owl Pot


Source: Made It

This colorful owl pot is a good example of why you don’t need to be a master painter to create something special. Even if you don’t have the skill to draw out an owl like this, find that artsy friend and have them sketch out a stencil for you! Then it is just a matter of painting within the lines.

7. Realism Cardinal Pot


Source: Cold Climate Gardening

For the more advanced painter, terra cotta pots can allow for marvelous images to be painted on the surface. The unique texture of the pot mixed with the right paints can create a gorgeous image, with a fantastic real-life quality to them.

8. Fluid Painted Pot


Source: Jennifer Perkins

Getting a result like this one is simpler than you may think. All you need to do is turn your pot upside down, pick out your desired colors of paint, (make sure you have enough) and pour! The paint running around the sides of the pot will create this fun and colorful design!

9. Fading Colors Pot


Source: Flickr

This pot features a fiery red bottom, that fades into a cautionary yellow at the top. The black patterns around the pot serve as an accent to the design, and help to draw out the color fade from red to yellow.

10. Hispanic Style Skull Pot


Source: Etsy

The contrast of stark white in the background and bold colors on the face of the skull makes every little feature stand out. The crisp lines show experience, and the overall design is just remarkable. This pot would be perfect to scare away any unwanted pests in your garden!