15 Cute and Colorful Decorating Ideas Using Stones

It’s spring time, and the warming weather means you can get back out there and spruce up your garden! (Unless you live in a place where you didn’t have snow!) We’ve collected a number of cute DIY crafts for you to add to your garden. So whether you’re a bird-lover, herb-gardener, or you just love cute DIY projects to do with the kids, there’s a craft for you.

Some crafts are purely for show, while others appeal to a hobby or even serve a purpose. And best of all, these projects make use of a material you’re sure to have laying around somewhere in your yard. If not, they’re pretty easy to find! Rocks of all sizes, shapes, and colors can be painted or arranged in an attractive way that’s sure to add color and personality to your garden.

So pick up your paint, go on a rock hunt, find some fantastic stones, and pick out a craft.

These inexpensive and fun DIY crafts will be a fantastic way to get inspired to get out in the sunshine and get to work on that garden!

1. Spring Tic-Tac-Toe Board

An adorable game board made from a sanded cross-section of a large tree and  a few stones painted to look like bumblebees and ladybugs. It’s a great spring and summertime game that’s portable and cute!


Source: chickenscratchny.com

2. Faux Strawberry Rocks

A few small strawberry-shaped stones can be painted to look like the real thing. If you’ve birds that like to eat your berries before you can get to them, these brightly colored fakes can help keep some of your berries safe from hungry birds.

3. Wire and Stone Hanging Heart

A cute hanging decoration made out of chicken wire and multicolored stones. Hang these from a sturdy tree or fence for an inexpensive and easy way to spruce up the garden.


Source: countrywomanmagazine.com

4. Stone and Felt Placemats

These are perfect for both indoors and outdoors. All you’ll need is felt little stones, and craft glue.  Place them beneath planters to protect your wood furniture. Smaller mats can be used as cute coasters.

stone mat

Source: blissbloomblog.com

5. Stone Bench and Table

A more time-consuming craft, this DIY stone-filled metal cage supports a slab of stone as the table and two rustic wooden benches. Time-consuming, but the effect is phenomenal!

stone garden bench

6. Stone Footprints

Finding the exact right stones for this project can be a fun project of its own! Arrange stones in footprints on a wooden slab and hang outside for a unique decoration.

stone footprints

Source: harvestheart.tumblr.com

7. Painted Stone Herb Markers

Just take any old stone from your garden, paint them a bold color, and use a paint marker to designate where new plants have been planted. Perfect for new herb-gardeners, or for those who can’t seem to remember which plants are which! A perfect craft for a rainy day.


Source: craftsbyamanda.com

8. DIY Rock Bucket Planter

A simple metal pail is transformed into an expensive-looking pebble planter that has a ton more curb appeal than the original.


Source: centsationalgirl.com

9. Rock Water Features

You can make a simple water feature or fountain out of just about anything–but we like stacked stone fountains the best. Add a little ambiance to your getaway with this simple project.

rock fountain

Source: instructables.com

10. DIY Rock Welcome Mat

A felt mat cut into any shape you desire and covered with small, smooth stones is a great dirt-catcher. Design these with any pattern you want or add a welcome sign!

rock door mat

11. “Rock Concert” Sculpture

If you enjoy a good pun, this craft will be just your speed. Thin and fat rocks with little painted eyes arranged in a group can peep out of your garden at visitors. Add a little sign if you really want to bring the joke home!

rock concert

Source: instructables.com

12. Rock “Cactus”

A stone substitute to a succulent plant for those who love the look, but don’t want to take care of a cactus. Paint a few stones bright green, add small white dots, and arrange in a group, and you can have your very own “cactus.” Try varying your markings to make the cactus look more real.

rock cactus

Source: craftberrybush.com

13. DIY Stone Birdhouses

Tired of your wooden birdhouses fading in the light or rotting away over the years? Try making a stone birdhouse. They’re sturdy and add a unique look to your home’s landscaping. Hang from a sturdy tree branch for best effect.


Source: empressofdirt.net

14. Rock Animal Sculptures

You can make just about anything out of rocks! Pick a favorite animal and try to make it out of rocks. Or simply paint an existing rock with an image of your favorite animal.


Source: goodshomedesign.com

15. Stone Mosaic Path

A spiral stone mosaic in the middle of a flagstone path can really perk up a design. Your visitors will ask you: “did you really do that yourself?”


Source: thisoldhouse.com