Make Your Own Fantastic Fairy Gardens From Broken Pots

We’re here to share with you a little secret: having a broken pot can be a very good thing!

Terra cotta is fantastic for holding and organizing your plants, but the ubiquitous clay pots can become a little boring after a while. Surprisingly, smashing one into piece is the first step toward creating your very own gorgeous fairy garden, right at home. Maybe it happens by accident, or maybe you take a hammer to the pot; we won’t tell!

What is a fairy garden? These lavish creations in miniature often feature intricately detailed gardens, houses, “forests,” and yes, fairies, creating a tiny fantasy still-life in your recycled pot. Some examples pack in an assortment of small flowers, while others at small houses, furniture, and even gnomes. Each and everyone looks like a microscopic world once completed.

We’ve gathered a selection of our favorite fairy garden ideas to inspire our fellow gardeners. We love to see the wildly varied ways in which people craft these unique creations. They say that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. With these inspiring projects, you can turn life’s broken pots into something far more original and fun!

1. Home For Birds

This pot has a single large chunk removed, making way for a vertical array of bird themed pieces, including a butterfly bench, a trio of houses, and a pair of birds with their nest. Ferns and other lush greenery complete the picture of a dense forest within this broken pot.


2. Succulent Paradise

Recycling a nearly completely broken pot, this project uses rim pieces to act as buffers between various tiers of succulents. You’ll notice glass beads, miniature pots, and even a tiny tea kettle amongst the hardy plants.

broken-pot-fairy-garden-19Source: Bored Panda

3. Fairy Cage

Here we have a planter with an actual fairy in residence! This one is filled with miniature ivy, spilling around a sloped segment toward a complementary “log” piece. The fairy is dancing away from a small domed metal cage, while tiny pots and birdbath appear on top.


4. Tiny Gnome Home

This project features a neatly purpose-broken pot with tiered levels of succulent plants on the front half, and a miniature house and outhouse sharing space on top with a white gnome and an astounding variety of plant life. “Trees” flank the building, while polished stones fill out the ground.


5. Stairway Garden

This particular project makes excellent use of the broken pot pieces to create intricate sets of stairs, divided by larger pieces into “floors” of the garden. Each level contains distinctive plants, with a small tree on top.

tieredgardnSource: Pinterest

6. Fairy Succulent Garden

Here’s a second fairy garden with an actual fairy inside! This gorgeous example combines elements of several ideas, including using broken pieces as a walking path. Polished stones, an ornamental frog, miniature pots, and a large sitting stone surround the fairy statue, while Succulents and flowering plants bloom.

diy-broken-pot-fairy-garden-12 (1)Source: Deavita

7. Birdhouse Forest

Here’s a second example featuring a colorful trio of miniature birdhouses. This pot contains a bed of polished stones, lush mossy greens, and abundant taller plants on top, creating a small forest look.


Source: Demilked

8. Tiny Cottage

This particular example involves some thick greenery surrounding a perfectly sculpted miniature cottage. The tiny home features a bright blue door, drawing attention to the creation in the middle of lush surroundings. Moss and succulents flesh out the look.


9. Pair Of Fairy Houses

Here’s another project featuring immaculate tiny houses. A pair of intricately painted triangular cottages rise out of a field of moss in this setting, which contains a tiny fireplace, benches, a functioning swing, and even a porcelain cat. The replaced broken side of the pot allows for tiers of plants leading up to the main event.


10. Tree House

This rather unique creation involves the use of a broken tree trunk, creating a perfectly natural little home with the addition of a handcrafted wood and stone doorway. Miniature pots hold a variety of plant life, as well as a painted stone fairy.

treehouseSource: Demilked

11. Spiral Staircase

Our final project showcases the creative process in a series of numbered images. The broken shell of the pot is shown being placed into a spiral staircase arrangement, before the verdant plant life is added.


Source: DailyColours

Wonderful creations like the ones we’ve showcased here inspire us for two big reasons. First, they show that even accidents can give birth to art, creativity, a new life. Second, they highlight the astounding variety and unique possibilities available to the intrepid gardener. Nothing says dedication and thoughtfulness quite like an extravagantly detailed fairy garden in miniature!