15 Low-Maintenance Container Plants You Can’t Kill

Low Maintenance Container Plants

With the spring weather rolling in and the beautiful flowers popping up in lawns and home improvement stores, it is normal to want a plant of your own.

Even if you do not have a lot of time to put into a container plant, you do have a few options that are low maintenance and grow beautifully.

1. Aloe Plants

Aloe Plants

Something that you can easily forget about and still heal your body is the aloe plant. It is a slow grower, so you do not want to be concerned if it doesn’t look like there is any growth right away.

If you have an office or sit it by the window where it can gather some bright light for a little while, it is a very easy plant to manage. when you give it a little water once a week, just make sure the lower leaves of the plant are not touching the soil.

If you have a burn or want to use the aloe sap for a home remedy, all you have to do is break a leaf off and you are all set.

2. Ghost Plant

Ghost Plant

These beautiful succulents appear to be roses, but they have such a light and translucent color that they look like ghosts, hence the name. They are color-changing, depending on the brightness of the room, but can easily live in shade or sunny areas. If you forget to water these for a week or two, they will be just fine.

3. Geraniums


Do you want something large and bright, but need little maintenance? Then a geranium is right for you. They like for their soil to get dry, so you do not have to water them as often as others. They have a variety of colors and look great in oversized pots or hanging baskets.

4. Pothos


If you want something bright and green, but takes a little energy to grow, then a Pothos plant will be a beautiful container plant to add to your space. They work well in hanging baskets where the leaves can spread out. They only need a little water once a week and they will thrive in all types of environments.

5. Peace Lilly

Peace Lillies

Low maintenance and good for air circulation? A Peace Lilly may be the right container plant for your office. Put this plant in an area where you will spend a lot of time, as it is beneficial to the air around you. Do keep in mind, however, that they can be toxic to pets if they ingest the leaves, so you may want to keep them in your office away from home.

6. Lemon Surprise

Lemon Surprise

This beautiful bright yellow and green plant is pet-friendly and also good for your environment. While you do want to water it once a week, it will not do much damage if you forget periodically. Like the Peace Lilly, this one is meant to clear the air and act as a natural filter, making it great for home or the office.

7. Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron Plant

If you want something that gives you that island and tropical feel to your space, the Cast Iron Plant with its exotic leaves is easy to maintain and only needs a little light to survive. This means that it can go absolutely anywhere you want so that you can always enjoy its beauty and what it has to offer. Missing some water here and there will not do any long-term damage to the Cast Iron Plant, which is great for those always on the move.

8. Burro’s Tail

Burro's Tail

Many of us prefer succulents and the unique beauty they possess. The Burro’s Tail is another that is highly preferred because it is almost too easy to manage and continues to grow year-round in the container. You can put it in a lowly shaded area, dark room, or set it in your bright office.

9. Jade Plants

Jade Plants

The Jade Plant is one that takes effort to kill. They can manage neglect in some of the most extreme cases, perking right back up and giving that silvery glow once you sprinkle some water its way. As they get bigger, you can see the red edges pop out, filling out a container in the best way.

10. Small Palms

Areca Palm

You can easily get into the tropical vibe with little maintenance when it comes to small palms. Whether it is the Areca palm, sago palm, ponytail palm, or other small trees under three feet, they only require minimal maintenance and an environment that stays around 70 degrees year-round. While you can set them out in the summer, you want to make sure they are brought in throughout the winter.

11. Snake Plant or Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

Snake Plant or Mother-In-Law's Tongue

Usually paired with other plants in a container, this one is known for its leaves that stand straight up. It only needs a little light regularly to keep the leaves upright and some water here and there. Succulents along the bottom of the plant keep the leaves off of the soil and turn brown.

12. Spider Plant

Spider Plant

The plant that just keeps on giving is the spider plant. All they need is about an inch of soil and a little water. After a few weeks, you will start to notice it branching off with baby plants that you can repot. These plants are great for beginners and are found in office areas that need a little green around the place. You can also set them anywhere since direct sunlight is not required.

13. Devil’s Ivy

Devil's Ivy

Once you have mastered the Spider Plant, you can move on to the Devil’s Ivy. This plant will continue to grow when it is watered and it will still be green if you miss a week. Like other low-maintenance plants, you can get away with as much or as little light as you need. All the Devil’s Ivy really needs is a good pot of soil and some low-maintenance love each week.

14. Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

Named for the time of year that it blooms, the Christmas cactus is a favorite winter plant. When it is warm out, you will need to water it a little more, but in the winter, it requires even less water. Despite its bright color, it likes sunlight, but it isn’t really necessary. In fact, the leaves will start to get red if there is too much light. This is an easy indicator to slide your plant out of the way and let it cool down.

15. Monstera


Swiss cheese if you please? Those holes in the leaves aren’t the product of pests, but the Monstera or Swiss Cheese Plant is growing in its popularity because of its uniqueness. All you have to do is put it in a nice shady corner will a little water once or twice a week and you, too, could be the proud owner of this unique plant. Do keep an eye on it as it starts to grow. It can reach 6 feet before you realize and be in need of a new pot.

Are You Ready For Your Next Plant?

All of these options offer low-maintenance with no strict requirements. You can choose to have natural air filters, your own tropical oasis, or that bright spring feeling all year.