How to Propagate a Pothos in Water (Easy Steps)

Pothos Water Propagation

The pothos is a popular houseplant that requires very little care and thrives under many growing challenges. If you’re interested in a pothos, you may decide to propagate them in water before transplanting them to the soil.

This process gives the plant time to grow roots and settle in before transplanting.

Here’s what you need to know about propagating your pothos in water.

How to Propagate a Pothos in Water (Follow Easy Steps)

You don’t need many tools when propagating a pothos in water.

You’ll need a healthy pothos vine, plant-trimming scissors, a water vase, some liquid fertilizer, and a growing stick that fits in your vase.

The vase should be transparent so you can easily see your water level. A flower vase is probably a good choice and should be reasonably affordable.

propagating pothos

Follow these steps to propagate your pothos in water:

  1. Find a healthy vine from which you can make a cut
  2. Find a node and trace it to the source on the plant
  3. Cut this vine so that your stem has at least three nodes
  4. Remove any leaves below the node on the remaining vine
  5. Leave at least two leaves on the vine cutting to help it grow more quickly
  6. Fill an appropriate vase, adding enough water to submerge at least two root nodes
  7. Place the vine in the vase bottom, making sure the nodes are adequately covered
  8. Add a little liquid fertilizer to the water before placing in a growing stake
  9. Put a small growing stake inside the vase, leaning it next to the vine root
  10. Wrap the rest of the vine around the root to help direct its growth
  11. Position your vase near indirect sunlight and in room-temperature settings
  12. Take care of your pothos as it grows, including adding water and keeping the vine safe

If you follow these simple steps, you should quickly propagate a pothos in water with minimal challenge.

This option may be a wise choice if you have limited room for extensive plant pots in your home.

You may also choose to propagate them in water to start their growth before planting. Some plants need this brief water-growth period to help strengthen their roots before long-term planting.


1. How long does it take for a potho plant cuttings to root in water?

After placing your pothos in a water source, it should take no more than 7-14 days for the roots to start growing from the nodes. You must add liquid fertilizer to your water when necessary to help your plant stay strong. Typically, you fertilize once every 4-6 weeks to avoid over-fertilizing. Too much fertilizer may kill your pothos before it has a chance to thrive.

2. When should you plant pothos in soil?

If you plan on transplanting your pothos to soil from water, remove them from the water after 1-2 inches of root growth. At this point, it should be strong enough for the transplanting process. Make sure you choose firm potting soil with an excellent nitrogen balance. When potting, keep your plant in indirect light and let the soil dry completely before you water again to keep them dry between watering.

3. How do I transfer a plant cutting from water to soil?

Carefully remove your pothos from the water and let them dry out entirely before transplanting them into the soil. This hardy plant will survive in the air for a day before it needs to be transplanted. Once the roots are dehydrated, please place them in a pot or your ground’s soil and cover the roots completely. Avoid overwatering: ironically, pothos roots experience high root rot levels if left wet in the soil.

4. Can you keep pothos in the water forever?

You can keep pothos in water without ever moving them to the soil, though you’ll need to take several steps to keep them healthy. Ensure that they get plenty of sunlight to continue producing healthy food without a rich soil mix. Trim them regularly to keep them from getting out of control. You can trim it up to two inches from the water’s surface, if necessary, though keeping it at one to two feet is also possible.

5. Do pothos plants require special maintenance?

Pothos is a reasonably hardy plant that requires very little maintenance outside of watering and pruning. When growing it in water, make sure that you pay attention to the water level every day. The root nodes should be covered most of the way with minimal air exposure. When you notice the water getting below the top of your pothos, add some more water.