How to Get Hostas to Grow Bigger

large hostas

If you have a garden, adding hostas to it is both a fun and easy process. They are rugged plants that live for decades and require little maintenance.

Hostas can easily transform your yard into a very appealing landscape.

However, the problem is that they often grow slower than other plants, so you may ask yourself “How can I make hostas grow bigger?”. Here is a list of several useful tips for you:

1. Give Your Hostas More Space

If your hostas have a lot of space, they will grow big and strong. These plants need plenty of room for leaf expansion. Their roots also require enough space for proper growth and collection of nutrients and water from the soil.

Therefore, it is recommended to leave at least five feet of space around the hostas.

2. Water Them Regularly

Even though hostas are easy to maintain, regular watering is what they really need and cannot survive without. If you have just planted your hostas and want to make sure they are growing properly, you need to water them every day over the first several weeks.

Then, in order to prevent root rot, watering once a week will be enough. It is also not recommended to water hostas in the morning because moisture can evaporate too quickly in the sun.

3. Use a high-quality fertilizer

If you want to grow your hostas big, you should understand that big plants need more nutrients than smaller plants. The best and most efficient way to provide extra nourishment to plants is to use a fertilizer.

There are two options you can consider:

  • All-purpose plant food with a balanced NPK
  • A special hosta fertilizer.

It is recommended to use a fertilizer in spring, when it is the beginning of the growing season. After that, you can repeat it once a month and do it until around August.

4. Do Not Divide Your Plants

Dividing hostas is a common and popular method that many people use in order to create more individual plants. However, it is not effective if your purpose is to grow big plants. It is important to understand that when you divide a plant, you receive smaller plants that take longer to grow.

However, if you live your plant untouched, there are more chances that you will have a stronger and larger plant in the nearest future.

5. Create Ideal Lighting Conditions

The amount of light your hostas receive should also be taken into consideration. For the best and fastest growth, hostas need dappled sunlight.

Therefore, in order to have big and strong plants that keep growing properly, you need to find a balance between shade and sunlight.

For example, this plant does not like direct sunlight, and late afternoon shade is the best lighting condition. It is also important to think about the type of plant you have.

For example, hostas that show blue and green hues grow better and faster in deeper shades.

Gold and yellow species are a little different and like sunlight.

6. Add Some Worms

Did you know that worms are great garden helpers? If you see worms in the soil, it means the soil is good. For this reason, if you want your hostas grow, you should increase a healthy worm population.

There are certain things you can do to get more worms.

First, you can bury compostable materials or you can dig some holes here and there in the soil.


As you can see, in order to grow big hostas, there are certain things you can do. If you are focused on the process and follow the tips given in this article, you will have strong and big plants in the end.