25 Indoor and Outdoor Succulent Gardens Of All Sizes

succulent ideas

Succulents are incredibly easy to take care of, so even if you don’t have the greenest thumb, you can still keep a thriving indoor or outdoor garden filled with these beauties. Succulents come in many different colors or textures, so each garden you plant has the potential to be utterly unique.

These drought-resistant plants can easily be installed both in traditional planters and in vertical wall gardens, without much mess. Just simply mist your succulents (when you can remember) and watch them thrive.

This collection features both indoor and outdoor examples of succulent gardens, each in a unique planter or container. Some of these embrace a more rustic, southwestern aesthetic, with more cacti than other arrangements, while other arrangements contain less cacti, and more other types of succulents.

As you peruse this collection of fantastic project ideas, you will begin to notice the kinds of containers these plants can easily fit into. Succulents can fit in anything from old, mismatched china to discarded seashells you pick up on vacation.

So whenever you go out to garage sales, flea markets, or even antique shops, keep an eye peeled for unique, beautiful containers that you can use to create succulent displays both indoors and outdoors.

So get started creating simple but beautiful succulent displays that are as unique as you are!

1. Succulents in Old China

Antique white and red china in mismatched patterns make for perfect complementary containers for a bold primary red table.

Source: A Cultivated Nest

2. Small Outdoor Succulent Garden

Source: Hoosier Homemade

A tiny, well contained succulents garden contained within a cluster of concrete tubes filed with tiny pebbles. Varying the heights of the tubes helps create a more varied

3. Succulent Wall Garden

wall succulent planter

A picture frame can easily be transformed into a beautiful piece of wall art that can be displayed both indoors or outdoors. This particular display features many colorful and tiny varieties of succulents.

Source: LivingWallArt.com

4. Outdoor Succulent Container Garden

container succulents

Succulents of all sizes, including cacti, can be easily grown in containers on a patio, like this one, creating a lush space full  of color and a variety of styles.

Source: Rancho Reubidoux

5. Toolbox Succulent Garden

toolbox succulents

Even an old, rusty toolbox can be easily converted into a succulent’s container. Perfect for industrial style homes or patios!

Source: Fossil

6. Octopus Succulent Garden

Octopus succulent

Combining statuary with thick beds of succulents can create the illusion of undersea life, like in this raised garden bed.

7. Liquor Bottle Succulent Garden

bottle succulent garden idea

Save those old liquor bottles! You can use them to display liquor bottles and a collection of lovely succulents.

Source: BottleGardens / Etsy

8. Birdcage Hanging Succulent Planter

birdcage succulents

For a lovely hanging outdoor ornament, stuff an antique birdcage with lovely succulents that have a slightly floral look.

Source: Planet Green Recycle

9. Classic Glass Terrarium

A simple glass fishbowl can be turned on its side and transformed into an overflowing classic succulent terrarium.

10. Succulent Fairy Garden

succulent fairy garden idea

You can create a cute and easy to take care of Fairy Garden by placing succulents between rocks and sand.

11. Succulent Plant Ball

birdcage succulent planter

An old, distressed wrought iron birdcage is the perfect hanging planter to stuff full of floral-shaped succulents. The plants poke through the bars and reach for the sun.

12. Outdoor Succulent Centerpiece

succulent bowl planter

A simple terracotta bowl or the drainage dish from a large planter can serve as a simple and sweet dish for a succulent centerpiece. This lightweight centerpiece can be easily carried indoors should it start to rain.

13. Rock Succulent Garden

Even a carved nook in a large stone can be the perfect place for a few succulents to take root. This tiny display would make for a perfect gift or as decoration on an office desk.

14. Glass Topped Succulent Dining Table


For a much more unique take on a succulent garden, layer two tables, one with a glass top, to create a living tabletop full of texture and color.

15. Wooden Box

A simple wooden box can become the base for a wholly unique themed succulent garden, like this one. A simple brand on the front adds further character, as do the non-living elements, like the barnacles and conch shell.

16. Mushroom Statuary

Even quaint garden statuary can be given new life by planting brightly colored succulents on them. These simple concrete fungi are given new life, and become fitting pieces of a contemporary garden.

Source: Linens N Things

17. Vertical Waterfall Succulent Garden

A tiered trellis is packed full of a thick carpet of various species of succulents. At the very top of the wall is a single waterfall that makes a stunning free-fall to the tile patio, and keeps the succulents misted.

Source: Urban Gardens Web

18. Miniature Seashell Succulent Garden

For a cute beach accent on a indoor or outdoor shelf, plant tiny succulents in shells collected on beach vacations and line them up.

19. Succulent Pillow Garden

succulent pillow ideas

Even old ripped pillows can be repurposed as succulent containers. Although you won’t be able to lean against these beauties, they’ll look incredible on your seating.

20. Stunning Succulent Wreath

succulent wreath

Succulents are incredibly sturdy and diverse, and can even be manipulated into a living wreath. this wreath is perfect all year long, although you will probably want to bring it in out of the cold in the colder months.

Source: Pretty Prudent

21. Monogram Letter Succulent Wall Art

succulent letter planter

Adding succulents to a monogram sign is a great way to dress up a simple wooden design. Place this on your front door or in any room indoors for a great statement piece.

22. Geeky Pokemon Indoor Succulent Planters

mini planters

Even if you don’t have room for a larger display, these cute Bulbasaur ceramic planters will let you be a geek with a green thumb!

Source: Have You Nerd

23. Eclectic Indoor Succulent Boxes

succulent window garden

To create an indoor container garden, try combining different materials, colors, and shapes in your display.

Source: The Vegan Kat

24. Succulent Wall Art

These colorful rustic signs have small spots where succulents can be planted to spruce it up.

Source: Zulily

25. Outdoor Vertical Wall Art

vertical succulent garden

Using several old pallets to create colorful and unique wall art is an easy DIY project for any patio.

Source: Homedit