Container Gardens: 8 Fantastic Ideas

container gardens

Gardening with containers is a fantastic activity for anyone with a green thumb, and isn’t only for those with a lack of space. In addition to conserving open space, you may prefer the look of potted plants, or the ability to move them around to suit your fancy. Container gardening opens the door to endless options!

The point is, gardening is personal, and the world offers an infinitely varying buffet of options for tailoring your garden to your tastes. In the name of expanding the perceptions of container gardening, we’ve gathered some of the best ideas we could find from around the internet.

Each of these projects will add beauty and functionality in equal measure. Containers, with their limited space, force a form of creativity upon the intrepid gardener:  what can be accomplished in this singular container? The answer, as always, is limited only by your imagination. The 8 ideas we’ve covered below touch on just a small fraction of the possibilities presented when you decide to try container gardening.

1. Jeweled Planter

With a little silver, some jewelry, beads, or any other sparkling accessories, you can instantly spice up any container garden. Our example highlights the contrast between metallic sheen and soft natural plant colors, with a neatly complementary silver-trimmed container.

Source: lejardinetdesigns

2. Garden Trailer, Silver Falls

Using a hanging basket or planter on a pedestal, you can have long, flowing, luxuriously tumbling flowers spilling toward the ground. The waterfall effect is gorgeous and can underscore any set of brightly colored bulbs.

Source: Thegardendiaries

3. Wine Barrel Planter

This project will grant a classic air to any space it’s placed. The wine barrel design is a timeless piece of utilitarian decoration, and makes for a perfect planter. The rustic, worn look can only help to highlight the bright diversity of anything planted within.

wine barrell garden gb 600

Source: Gildedbloom

4. Geranium Container

Here we see, just barely, a small stone planter holding a variety of plant life, centered around geraniums. This verdant buffet stands upon a low stone wall, adding depth, visual appeal, and color to the area.

5. Dark Foliage

If you’ve got a lighter hued planter or bright surroundings, why not go for a high contrast look with dark foliage? The bespoke appearance is like slipping a tuxedo onto your container garden. The dark leaves will create a palette where the bright colors of surrounding flowers can truly shine.

Source: Provenwinners

6. Tropical Touch

While horizontal space is at a premium when planting in a container, going literally above and beyond can make all the difference. Adding brightly colored fronds to your miniature flower bed will grant a tropical atmosphere and immense visual interest, framing the delicate buds below.


Source: Costafarms

7. Overflowing Dahlias, Petunias, And More

Even when gardening within the confines of a container, you don’t have to be limited in your planting. Our example photo below shows what can be achieved with space management, dedication, and time. The pot is so overstuffed with colorful bursts that it’s hard to make out the container itself!

8. Vegetable Container

Container gardening needn’t be limited to flowers and foliage. Using your portable planter to grow vegetables is a fantastic and economical idea. With the ability to move with the sunlight and weather demands, you can ensure perfect growth for your vegetables in a container. Best of all, those with limited space can grow their own vegetables!


Source: Costafarms

We hope you’ve enjoyed this taste of the surprising amount of variety within the world of container gardening. With these 8 projects, we’ve only scratched the surface of creativity. Check out the accompanying links for more ideas, or simply get your own containers and play jazz! Whether you’re limited in space or looking for something new to try, container gardening is worth a chance.