15 Fun and Unique Face Planter Ideas

face planters

I love collecting face planters. They’re always a great conversation starter at our home. They add character to your space and are fun and unique. My daughter loves to name them! We have a name for each of them. 🙂

Face planters are fun because you can “style” the “hair” in them with your favorite plants. I like to plant succulents, ornamental grass, spider plants, Christmas cactus, to name a few.

Some face planters are made for indoors others are perfect for front porches, patios, or garden beds. If you plan on having them outdoors make sure to find the heavier ones, so they don’t tip over.

In this guide, I have collected 15 fun and attractive face planters to get you started!

Head of a Lady Indoor or Outdoor Resin Planter

ART & ARTIFACT Head of a Lady Indoor/Outdoor Resin Planter - Plants Look Like Hair, 9" Tall>> Check Price <<

This unique planter can be displayed indoors or outdoors. You can fill the top head opening with soil and your favorite plants or the opening can easily fit a small pot. This planter measures 8 inches wide x 9 inches high, and its made from a durable resin material that will last for years.

Uncle Nate Antique White Face Planter

Muggly's Homestyles 37105 Uncle Nate Planter 18" Antique White Garden Statue

>> Check Price <<

Have fun with Uncle Nate! His hair would look great if you plant a spider plant or some ornamental grass. Uncle Nate is hand-painted and crafted using polyresin material. He can hold a 6-inch wide pot. He also has a drainage hole. Standing at 18 inches in height, I think he would look great on a front porch or patio. Dimensions: 12 x 9.2 x 18 inches

Laughing Aunt Minnie Face Planter

Homestyles Muggly #37117 Laughing Aunt Minnie Planter 15" Stone Wash Garden Statue

>> Check Price <<

Laughing Aunt Minnie can be a great and funny conversation piece in your home or garden. She is hand-painted and made from polyresin for long-lasting durability. She can hold a 6-inch planter or you can fill her up with soil. She is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Make her your unique masterpiece by adding your favorite plant! Laughing Aunt Minnie includes a drainage hole and measures 12 x 9.2 x 15 inches in height.

Buddha Head Flower Planter

Buddha Planter Buddha Head Flower Pot The Talking Fruit Hand Painted Windowsill Planter Pot for Succulent- 4 inch,Cacti,Indoor Pots

>> Check Price <<

Bring Good luck to your home with this Budda face planter! He is perfect for indoor use. This Buddha head planter is hand-painted and made from high-quality resin. He measures 3 4/5 Inches Long, 3 1/5 inches wide and 3 4/5 high. So he is on the smaller size but I can imagine him with a small potted succulent on a windowsill or kitchen counter.

Silver Ceramic Multi-Face Succulent Planter

MyGift 4-Inch Silver Ceramic Guanyin Multi-Face Succulent Planter Vase

>> Check Price <<

The Silver Ceramic Multi-Face Succulent Planter is another small face planter measuring only 4 inches. This would make a great home for a potted succulent. Made of ceramic. It has no drain hole. Preferably for indoor.

Easter Island Statue Face Planter

Bits and Pieces - Indoor/Outdoor Easter Island Statue Planter - Urn for Plants - Durable Polyresin Sculpture

>> Check Price <<

Wouldn’t he look great with some Optic grass, Sedum, or Succulents growing out the top like hair? This piece is made from durable polyresin he measures 8-3/4″ high x 5″ wide. The opening on the top is 4 inches in diameter. And he does include a drain hole at the bottom.

Cement Greek/Roman Style Face Planter

Lucky Winner Greek/Roman Style Female Statue Head Cement Planter (8")

>> Check Price <<

This unique and attractive face planter would look great planted with some creeping jenny, petunias, or maybe a Christmas cactus that looks like hair! This planter is on the heavy side, weighing in at 6 pounds. Made from cement and measures 9 inches in height. Unfortunately, the planter does not include a drain hole. But drain hole(s) can be easily drilled using a small cement drill bit.

Cute and Unique Cement Flower Face Planter

YIKUSH Head Planter Cement Flower Pot for Plant/Flower Planter - 6inches H,Set of 1

>> Check Price <<

This super cute face planter would look great indoors or outdoors. Pick plants that look like hair, maybe some string of pearls, ornamental grass, an air plant or some succulents. This planter measures 6 inches in height, 2.76″ in width and 3.74″ in length. Includes Anti-friction pads on the bottom to prevent scratches on your furniture. This planter does not include a drain hole.

Cement Geometric Face Planter

Cement Geometric Head Planter Plant Pot, Desk Storage, Succulent Planter Pot, Gift (Medium)

>> Check Price <<

This cement face planter has a modern look to it. Perfect for outdoor use since it’s heavy, it should withstand outdoor winds. Or you can bring him indoors and display him on a windowsill or desk. I think he would look great with a fern or maybe a Christmas Cactus. Measures 6.5″ height x 4″ width x 6″.

White Ceramic Buddha Succulent Face Planter

4.6Inch Ceramic Buddha Head Planter Pot Zen Succulent Plant Pot Pen Holder Pencil Cup Brush Holder Pot Remote Controller Holder Desk Organizer Home Office Room Decor Multi-use(White)

>> Check Price <<

Perfect for indoor use or on a covered patio. These ceramic planters would look lovely with a small plant or succulent. Made of ceramic and measures 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.3 inches

Kalalou Ceramic Face Planters

Kalalou Ceramic Head Planter, One Size, Turquoise

>> Check Price <<

I LOVE this planter! I think it’s my favorite from this list of face planters! Would look amazing with a spider plant or succulent. It comes in different colors, Red, Green, White or Turquoise. It’s nice and heavy to withstand the outdoor elements. It includes a drainage hole at the bottom. A great conversation piece. Love it!

Modern Artisans Maharani Princess Outdoor Head Planter

Modern Artisans Maharani Princess Outdoor Head Planter, 17-Inch Fine Concrete

>> Check Price <<

This work of art is heavy and is cast in high-quality fine concrete. It includes a drainage hole. Its also sealed with a water-based sealant. This planter would look amazing outdoors with so many different plants. Measures 12.5 Inches in height, 8.5 Inches in Width. and weighs about 34 lbs. Yes, she is heavy!

Unique and Highly Detailed Goddess Face Planter

Sungmor Creative Goddess Head Planter Statue for Garden Ornaments | 9Ă—9Ă—14 Inch Premium Resin | Cool Face Large Diameter Flower Pot for Patio Lawn Garden Yard Decor

>> Check Price <<

This goddes is so detailed! She is simply gorgeous! She is made of selected synthetic resin. Would look great with so many different plants. She measures 9×9×14 Inches in height.

Flaunting Flora Victorian Face Planter

Victorian Lovelies Sculpted Indoor Head Planter: Dotty Debutante Version

>> Check Price <<

These face planters are spectacular! They are individually hand-sculpted so each piece is one of a kind! They come in 2 pieces, the top piece is the planter, while the bottom piece acts as the pot dish to catch the excess water from your plants. These lovely face planters are suitable for indoor use. Perfect for a small indoor plant.

Bunny Rose Victorian Face Planter

Victorian Lovelies Sculpted Indoor Head Planter: Bunny Rose Version

>> Check Price <<

Another lovely face planter! I LOVE the colors on this one! Each planter is individually hand-sculpted so each piece is one of a kind. It comes in 2 pieces, the top piece is the planter, while the bottom piece acts as the pot dish to catch the excess water from your plants. I think this one would look perfect with an African Violet on a windowsill. Great quality, unique and sweet!