Tips on How to Make a Fairy Garden Container

fairy garden container

When you are outside enjoying your garden, there is a way to make sure you share that garden with your little loved ones. The addition of a fairy garden attracts the attention of young gardeners and also gives you a way to spruce up the area with color and decoration. If you have decided to create a fairy garden container here are a few tips to make it vibrant and a beautiful addition.

Select The Right Container

Your fairy garden is as big as the container you choose. Keep in mind that there will not only be plants in this container, but also a little village to add to the fairy theme. Using an old planter that is currently not being used is ideal for a fairy garden. You want something sturdy that will maintain efficient soil for the plants that you do decide to put in the garden.

fairy garden container

Succulent Plants

While you can put any plants in your fairy garden, succulent plants make the best plants in these areas. They can live in proximity to others, and they require minimal maintenance. Since a fairy garden is more about decoration and a good way to introduce gardening to small children, you want to keep the maintenance light. These plants also take nutrients as they need them, so they are not draining the soil and needing to be reported as often as other plants. Some of the best options are found below:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Cacti
  • Euphorbia Polygona
  • Stonecrop Sedum

These succulents above are easy to grow and work well in almost every garden. You can easily move the fairy garden indoors when the weather gets cool and they can remain healthy and vibrant as indoor plants during the winter.

Use Rocks and Pebbles

In order to keep the weeds down in the fairy garden, you want to add a layer of either rocks or pebbles to the top of your soil. It is also important to have a layer of rocks at the base of the container before you add the potting soil.

After you have added your plants and your fairy accents to the pot, you want to finish it out by filling in the bare areas with small pebbles or rocks. If you have spaces between the plants like there are in this video, then add some larger rocks to fill the spaces.

Kids making a fairy garden

The pebbles can be used as “walkways” for your fairies in the garden. You can also choose different colored pebbles to give the illusion of grass or water in your fairy garden. As your plants grow, you can remove the rocks and give them the necessary room they need.

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Fall Fairy Garden Idea

Use a wide potting bowl or any interesting piece that you can fill with potting soil and plants. Just make sure you have plenty of space to work with and use soil that’s appropriate for your plants.

Pick a centerpiece that will serve as your fairies’ home, and surround it with low maintenance succulents of varied colors and textures. It’s like creating your own miniature forest. If you lived in this fairy garden, what would you want it to look like?

“Build” a tiny walkway from the door of your fairy home using sand or small pebbles. Add a little decor with fairy-sized pumpkins and a sign that welcomes Fall. You can even place some moss here and there to create more texture and warmth.

Your imagination is the limit! Watch this video for tips, recommended plants, and ideas to make your tiny garden any fairy’s dream home.

Final Thoughts

Having a fairy garden and making that fairy garden container is a fun activity that you can do with grandchildren or other small loved ones. When they come to visit, they will want to see their fairy garden and want to help take care of it. With these tips above, you are able to maintain a healthy and vibrant fairy garden that allows you to change out your fairy garden to match the season.