10 Garden Edging Ideas with Wood for an Earthy Garden


When constructing a garden, everything revolves around physical appearance. After all, if we didn’t care about how the space looked, we wouldn’t be planting flowers anyways! The manner in which we contain our gardens can make a huge difference.

Garden Edging can play a huge role in the overall appearance of your garden area. No matter how many gorgeous flowers you may have planted, if mulch or dirt is spilling out onto the grass or sidewalk, it can seriously effect the aesthetic.

So it’s obvious that some kind of edging is required if you want that extra level of beauty for your garden. The question is, what route will you take to make that happen? There are endless options for materials, but if you want to keep a natural, earthy look in your garden, why not use natural materials?

Here are some great ideas for wooden edging to keep your garden looking organized and beautiful.

1. Rustic Curved


Source: Kwik Kerb

These curved sections have a wood grain texture, giving the edging the appearance of real wood. A benefit to having this specific type of edge is that it will last through the elements, and will hold up against abuse that normal wood may not withstand.

2. Semicircle Natural Wood


These semicircle stumps are at staggered heights, adding a little character and style to the edging design. The natural look is capitalized on here with the bark around the outside.

3. Horizontal Plank


This simple idea can actually create a very fine look, as exemplified above. Use these horizontal planks to create sections in your garden, contain stone beds along your driveway, or separate mulch from stones.

4. Short Vertical Plank


Source: Houzz

These familiar planks at staggered heights are a great way to keep your garden contained. It allows for a bit of character, while not being too flashy or extravagant.

5. Tall Semicircle Stake


These tall semicircle stakes line up around your garden with uniform. The height is great for any garden with tall plants and high grasses. These stakes keep your “hard-to-manage” plants standing tall and facing the sun.

6. Simple Plank Sectional


Simple planks laid horizontally and connected by braces can actually create quite a unique look. Having the freedom to use any length of board gives you the option to edge around curves, as well as along straight lines.

7. Tall Plank Wall


For a lifted garden, these solid board walls are sturdy and great for enduring years of wear and tear. The high design serves as a retaining wall as well as a handsome backyard feature.

8. Bamboo Stick


For a more exotic garden, vertical standing bamboo can create a very attractive look. Keep them level for a uniform garden, or stagger them at different heights as shown above to add some character.

9. Wicker Wrap


Source: Pinterest

This creative idea is perfect for a light and delicate garden. The weaving wicker design works best around curves and bending garden edges.

10. Tall Plank Box


Raise your garden to a comfortable height and say good-bye to working on sore knees, with this interesting wooden box design. This idea is perfect for vegetable plants and small gardens.