17 Marvelous Garden Decoration Creations

decoration 5

The backbone of a garden is based on what is growing there, but that doesn’t mean that decorations can’t be every bit as important as the living plants! The decorations in a garden or backyard set a certain tone for the space that can either complement or contrast the plant life growing there.

A well-decorated garden can follow a specific theme, or be random and exciting! Either way, the decorations in your outdoor area play a huge role in the first impressions and initial look of your garden.

Whether you decide to craft your own decor or find the perfect pieces from a store, decorations are fun and important when designing your garden space. There are so many different options and themes out there, and it can sometimes be overwhelming to try to decide on what will work best.

To give you a good idea of what we think are awesomely creative and unique decorations, we have put together these seventeen examples, check them out on the next page and find some inspiration for your own space!


1. Light Bulb Bug

decoration 1

Source: Helpful Gardener

A truly creative and impressive design, this light bulb bug is a great accent piece to place around your garden. Set him on top of rocks, next to lights, or hang him from your patio to accent any space.

2. Birch Wood People

decoration 2

Source: Lushome

Certainly decorations that you don’t see everyday! These Birch tree people will give any outdoor space a welcoming and lighthearted atmosphere.

3. “The Rock Concert”

decoration 3

These adorable little rocks are a great way to add some decoration to your garden. They also provide the opportunity to start a fun craft with friends and/or family. To see some easy steps for creating your own “Rock Concert” decoration, follow this link: Instructables

4. Gabion Style Heart

decoration 4

Source: Love The Country

Chicken wire forms a cage around these rocks, creating an attractive outdoor decoration that is both cheap and easy to create. Use more chicken wire to get different shapes for various themed gardens.

5. Tortoise Family

decoration 5

This Tortoise family functions as a divider for the yard and garden, while simultaneously acting as fantastic and interesting decoration for this outdoor space.

6. Large Hollow Mushroom

decoration 6

A large hollowed out mushroom, this garden decoration is sure to keep any small children busy with some holes to peek into, as well as providing a unique eye catching characteristic for your garden.

7. Bottle Tree

decoration 7

Source: Lushome

A fairly simple and inexpensive decoration idea, this Bottle tree seems to be on a special stand, but the same idea can be altered to work with any small tree with short and thin limbs!

8. Welded Metal Flowers

decoration 8

These metal flowers are a fine feat of craftsmanship and artwork. Their concave pedals can collect rain and provide a makeshift birdbath. Regularly clean these decorations to keep a finished and neat look in your garden.

9. Old Fashioned Wind Mill

decoration 9

This Old Fashioned Wind Mill is made of stained wood and features a small light in the interior. A great way to provide night lighting for your backyard, while also having an attractive structure to appreciate in the day time.

10. Crystal Wind Spinner

decoration 10

Source: Home 2 Garden

An elegant and fragile design, this Crystal Wind Spinner can add class to your outdoor lounge area. Its small size makes it a modest yet refined piece of decoration for any garden.

11. Mosaic Lizard

decoration 11

This mosaic climbing lizard is a colorful and unique addition for any outdoor space. Mount it on a wall or near some rocks to accent other features in your garden.

12. Rainbow Glass Flowers

decoration 12

Light shines gently through these glassware flowers to show gorgeous rainbow colors, complimenting and accenting the planted flowers behind them.

13. Metalwork Rooster Band

decoration 13

Vibrant colors make up these fun rooster sculptures. They are a wonderful way to add some spice to your garden area by showing personality and creativity.

14. Owl Head Sculptures

decoration 14

These cute and stylish owl decorations are made of etched stone and will stand up against wear and tear from the elements while also giving your garden a fun and welcoming atmosphere.

15. Gargoyle

decoration 15

Gargoyles have been “protecting” their perches for centuries, so you know you can trust them to keep an eye on your own garden. A classic decoration, gargoyles can add an element of style and fortitude to any space.

16. Ceramic Painted Water Can

decoration 16

This large Painted Ceramic Water Can is great for adding some color and flair to your outdoor space. The beads strung up a wire and hanging from the spout is a nice customizable touch.

17. Natural Stick Chairs and Table

decoration 17

What better way to enjoy the afternoon air with a loved one than in these natural and rustic chairs constructed out of sticks? Also, note the unique stump table between the two chairs for holding drinks or other miscellaneous items.