17 Incredible Candle Ideas to Add to Your Garden

candle 3

Candles add a romantic atmosphere to any space, indoor or outdoor. They make fantastic centerpieces, go with any decor style, and come in a lot of different sizes, shapes and colors.

They’re a very versatile way to add style to an outdoor space without upping your electricity bill with LED or string lights.

This collection aims to inspire your garden to new heights of evening charm by adding the right amount and kind of candlelight to your garden or patio.

Whether you like to DIY or not, there are ideas that will appeal to your budget and style. And all will look fantastic in your yard, whether it’s on a daily basis, or you are decorating for a special occasion, like a wedding or a graduation party.

From simple mason jar crafts to more extensive projects that might require a ladder (see the above image), you’re sure to find an incredible way to perk up your garden and gain some inspiration to start spending the warm summer evening outside and basking in the warmth of a candle’s glow.

1. Wine Bottle Outdoor Chandelier
candle 1

Cut wine bottles close to the end and suspend them on a round wrought iron circle to create a unique chandelier. Try alternating candles with plants for an unique look.

2. Candlelit Birdbath

candle 2

Source: sunset.com

Fill an old birdbath with water and floating candles, and you have a romantic candlelit piece to feature in your garden in the evening.

3. Suspended Orbs

candle 3

This incredible nighttime lighting is made possible by suspending candles in glass orbs from the leggy branches of a tall tree.

4. Wrought Iron Candle Stakes

candle 4

These long thin garden stakes contain small candles that can be lit in the evening to provide a soft glow along a garden path.

5. Suspended Pebble Mason Jars

candle 5

Simple mason jars are filled with pebbles to hold tea lights in place. Thick, strong twine is looped around the top and used to suspend each jar from a branch.

6. Rustic Wooden Candle Centerpiece


A uniquely shaped piece of beach wood can easily be mounted and have tea light holders attached to create a simple, beautiful centerpiece.

Source: HGTV

7. Terra Cotta Candles

candle 7

Old or chipped terra cotta planters can be turned into candles of all sizes, and are a great way to repurpose old or worn planters. Try dressing them up with ribbons or paint!

8. Table Lantern With Shepard’s Crooks

candle 8

This unique centerpiece is a shiny copper and holds three-tiered lanterns, each lit by a small tea light.

9. Parasol Lights

candle 9

Small glass buckets are attached to the top of a parasol via small chains. Candles inside of each jar light the dining area intimately.

10. Candle Chandelier

candle 10

Even a traditional wrought iron chandelier can be an outdoor lighting source. This piece is best tucked beneath a covered patio.

11. Railing Lanterns

candle 11

Old jam jars or mason jars make fantastic lanterns. Try suspending them with wire equal spaces apart on your railings.

12. Birdcage Flower and Candle Arrangement

candle 12

An antique birdcage makes for a beautiful and quaint candle holder. Place a few blooms along the bottom and multicolored pillar candles to complete the look.

13. Birch Candle Centerpiece

candle 13

This simple, rustic, and beautiful table centerpiece is at home both indoors and outdoors. The glass candle holders add a delicate touch.

Source: growingthehomegarden.com

14. DIY Upcycled Paint Can Luminaries

candle 14

These lovely luminaries were once painted cans! Simply drill holes in the sides and paint your favorite color. Add a large candle to the center and display!

Source: Lowes.com

15. Concrete Egg Candle Holder

candle 15

These concrete eggs filled with candles add contrasting elements to your garden path. The concrete is rough, while the candlelight adds a softer element. Pair with a matching smaller egg for an awesome result.

16. Multicolored Glass Candle Lanterns

candle 16

For an incredibly elegant and classic look, add these lanterns to your steps, tables, or wherever needs a bit of light! They come in multiple sizes and colors to fit your needs.

17. Flower Pots with Centered Candle

candle 17

Inserting a glass-enclosed candle into the center of any pot of plants creates an elegant addition to your patio and dresses up plain terra cotta planters.