10 Floral Garden Gates In Bold Color

Gates are an important feature of a garden–particularly if you enjoy your privacy, or if you have a fence. Regardless of whether your gate is in the front yard, backyard, or even leads to another part of a massive ornamental garden, as the incredible wrought iron and stone gate above does, adding flowers to the design is a perfect way to dress them up.

Some of the garden gates in this collection feature a single flower trained up the side of the fence or over a trellis above the gateway, while others feature a wide variety of ornamental flowers or wildflowers.

Regardless of how many varieties of flowers each gate features, you’re sure to love each design! Get inspired to dress up your gate and fence with flowers! Continue to the next page to see our gallery!

1. Whimsical Purple Gate

Source: HGTV

A bright purple gate with a curved top and bright pink roses to the left. Hedges line the brick pathway leading up to the gate.

2. Glorious Garden Gate

Thick, lush displays of colorful flowers and other flora decorate the path leading up to and around the stone arch and gate. To the left is a large tiered waterfall.

3. Rustic Wooden Gate With Lavender

Lavender is an aromatic herb that grows into thick, colorful bushes. In this case, it’s a great way to line a rustic path leading up to an old wooden gate.

4. Pergola Gateway with Lemons


A pergola acts as a gateway into a seating area of the garden. A large lemon tree twists about the top of the pergola, and the pathway leading up to it is framed by flowers.

5. Rose Gate with Trellis

Gorgeously bright pink roses have been trained to wind around the fence leading up to a trellis gate. The thick portal of roses grants access to the front yard.

6. Arched Wooden Gateway with Clematis

Source: Country Living

Rich purple climbing Clematis are trained about the top of this trellis gate. Large hostas frame the gateway on either side. Thick grass has grown up between the stones of a pathway.

7. White Rose Gate

Source: This Old House

Enormous pink rosebushes are planted on either side of this pathway that leads up to a simple picket gate. Just beyond the gate the roses are trained over the top of a pergola.

8. Elegant White Gate

white fence

Source: Judy’s Cottage Garden

Plants and flowers have grown oven this elegant white gate and its trellis and through to the sidewalk just outside of the yard for a charming, rustic effect.

9. Tall Wrought Iron Gate With Wisteria


Trellises on either side of this tall double door wrought iron gate are host to beautiful lavender wisteria plants.  Tall adobe walls keep the inner courtyard private.

10. Overgrown Backyard Gate

Green Gate

Source: The Good Thing

Thick trees, ivy, and evergreens nearly block this rustic wooden gate. Wildflowers grow along the side of the grass pathway.