15 Fire Pit Ideas to Light Your Flame


Fire pits are a time-honored summertime place for bonfires and other parties. They do, of course, come in many shapes, sizes, and are made out of different materials. From stone creations to custom-cut wrought iron silhouetted scenes, each one of the fire pits we’ve collected is unique and perfectly suited to a different style.

Fire pits can be portable or stationary, typically meaning they’ve been built into the ground or are in a permanent stone or brick structure. Others can be moved inside to be stored during winter months, which can be a blessing in places with colder climates.

While some of these offerings are smaller in scale, others are luxurious, tucked into the side of a swimming pool, or have multiple tiers of seating for guests.

Above all, a fire pit is used for entertainment, but that doesn’t mean that yours can’t be stunningly designed. Keep an eye out for some of the most creative styles you’ll find on the internet!

1. Circular Stone Fire Pit


This traditional fire pit is constructed out of stacked stones and is situated in the center of a large stone patio edged with benches. The perfect spot for a bonfire!

2. Rustic Stump Fire Pit

An artificial stump is fitted with a bowl fire pit and fastened to a concrete patio. A matching bench sits behind it.

3. In-Ground Fire Pit

Source: Appalachian Naturescapes

Bold blue tiles form this lovely backyard patio. The fire pit is sunken into the patio for a seamless appearance.

4. Arched Fire Pit


Source: Thyme In The Garden

A raised fire pit with a stunning curving back. This fireplace-fire pit hybrid is meant to be viewed from only one side, like a fireplace.

5. Fountain Fire Pit

Source: Serenity Health

At the center of this fire pit is the actual wrought-iron pit. Surrounding it is a gorgeous ring of stones, stacked to resemble a flowing fountain.

6. Custom Wrought Iron Cut-Out Fire Pit


Source: AuspitBBQ

If you have a themed backyard, a custom cut-out fire pit can add an extra level of style to your design. This particular fire pit is Wild West themed.

7. Amphitheater Fire Pit

Firepit. Credit: Belgard Hardscapes.

This entire fire pit and surrounding seating is built like the Greek amphitheaters of old, at a smaller size, of course. The all-brick area is situated at the far end of a swimming pool complex.

8. Simple Square Stone Fire Pit

A sunken fire pit area has a raised brick and stone square pit. The stone and mortar wall seems to crumble into a pile of loose stones near the fence.

9. Simple Bowl Fire Pit


Image Source: Potted Store

An enormous concrete bowl serves as a stylish, minimalist fire pit that is perfect for any backyard or patio.

10. Fire Pit Table


Source: Hometone

This stunning modern fire pit is elevated on legs and is easily portable. Open pits like this are stunning when used with fire glass.

11. Traditional Fire Pit


Source: Porch.com

This in ground fire pit is built-into the yard and rimmed by bricks to ensure the structure is sturdy and won’t cave it. The outsides are rimmed in cracked flagstones, giving it the appearance of a flower or a stylized sun.

12. Volcano Fire Pit


Source: Carson Enterprises

While this fire pit doesn’t actually spew flames and lava, the loose structure of the boulders that rim deep reddish rocks give it the appearance of a volcano. The patio area is rimmed by stacked stones that serve as benches.

13. Gravel and Stone Pit


Surrounding a stone fire pit with gravel is a great way to stay under budget while still being conscious of fire hazards. The A-frame swinging bench adds rustic charm.

14. Poolside Fire Pit


Source: Green Scene Landscape

This sunken fire pit’s outer seating is level with the side of the pool, making it easy to switch from one activity to another.

15. Tabletop Fire Pit


Source: Watson’s Fireplace and Patio

An old whiskey barrel or wine barrel can be transformed into a unique outdoor dining table. In the center, you can place a fire pit. Try roasting marshmallows at your leisure.