10 Garden Edging Ideas With Bricks and Rocks

brick edging

Are you lacking something in your landscaping? Edging your garden bed may be all you need!

When it comes to edging a garden or flower bed, there are hundreds of options: wood, concrete, recycled glass bottles, and even china plates and seashells. These edges can run from small and clean to incredibly detailed and grand. They can be functional – such as creating a dry stream – or simply add decoration to any landscaping.

Edging your beds can bring the whole yard together and add that finishing touch you’re looking for. The material choice is yours, but bricks, rocks, and stones remain some of the easiest and most durable choices.

Here we’ve gathered a collection of some of our favorite uses of stone and brick in the garden. Some of these are basic while others are for the more adventurous among us. We’ve even found a few how-to’s and DIY guides if you’re looking for a fun weekend project. Regardless of where your landscaping skills lay, we hope we’ve found a little something for everyone’s tastes.

1. Flagstone


Image Source: bhg.com

Flagstone edging is available in a wide range of colors and thicknesses. It’s great for country and cottage style gardens, adding a rustic touch, and is easy to coordinate or contrast with plants. It can also be stacked securely without the use of mortar.

2. Cobblestones


Source: bhg.com

Cobblestones are a great way to integrate your edging into a path or walkway, helping to tie together your entire garden. The uneven shape adds a classic feel to any garden and contrasts well with soft organics.

3. River Rocks


Source: thegardenglove.com

This river rock filled trench is a great way to edge a flower bed near a patio or path. Smooth river rocks come in many color options and can be an easy way to add texture to your yard. Sinking an old gutter into the ground first can help reduce maintenance and hold the rocks in place.

4. Raised Stones

raised rock

Source: familyhandyman.com

Raised stone edging is a great option if you have poor soil – it offers the option of raised flower beds that you can fill with top soil. It also adds interest to a flat, featureless yard. Stones are available in many size and shape options so you can find something no matter your yard size or taste.

5. Horizontal Bricks

horizontal brick

Source: guidinghome.com

Paving stone bricks can add a clean raised edge to your garden with the added benefit of mowing right over it. This one in particular allows for a filled flower bed without any of the mess. Sink the stones into the ground to avoid heavy maintenance.

6. Recycled Bricks

recycled bricks

Source: hometalk.com

Bricks offer a great rustic look to a yard; recycled bricks offer the option of reducing your landscaping costs. You might even have some bricks laying around your own yard! Brick edging can also serve as a lovely pathway around garden beds.

7. Stone Brick

stone brick

Source: jennaburger.com

Stone brick is a cheap and easy way to edge a flower bed and comes in tons of styles. They can interlock with each other or just add a touch of color. You can even use them to coordinate other stone work in your yard. This one offers a detailed step-by-step process on their yard transformation.

8. Mosaic Stones
mosaic rock

Source: bobvila.com

While mosaic set stones may prove to be a bit more of a challenge, there is no denying that they add a beautiful touch to any yard. Put them along a paved pathway for something a little different.

9. Contrasting Rocks

contrasting rocks

Source: hgtv.com

Contrasting textures of stone in complimentary colors can be a lovely touch to a flowerbed. This one offers a clear how-to on installing any style of brick or stone edging to your yard. It even has several videos that are easy to follow along with.

10. Dry Stream

dry stream

A dry stream is an excellent choice for gardens on an incline or if you’re dealing with excessive rain runoff. Not only is it a beautiful garden feature but it helps solve problems such as soil erosion.