Organic Super Sonic Growth Booster

If you are looking to get the maximum growth from your garden but only by using organic materials, then you are in luck.

The nutrients found in bone meal, specifically phosphorus, give any plants that you have the ability to produce their maximum potential.

Vegetables, fruits, and flowers will grow substantially when it comes to speed, size, and quantity. There are additional benefits to using phosphorus and why you should be adding it to the soil in your garden.

Benefits of Using Phosphorous Fertilizer

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If you decide to incorporate bone meal as a phosphorus fertilizer for your garden, then you can expect a variety of benefits. Below are the most common benefits that all plants enjoy when they are met with copious amounts of phosphorus in their fertilizer.

  1. Resistance to Infestations of fungus and pests
  2. Enhanced Root Growth
  3. Flowering production increases
  4. Delayed nutrient release

Resistance to Infestations

One of the main things that will destroy an ornamental flower or even a garden vegetable is an infestation of some variety. Whether it is fungal happening just below the soil or one of the pests attracted to that particular plant has taken root and used it as their main food source until the plant is dead.

When they have large amounts of phosphorus, their entire system within the plant is stronger and has the ability to fight off an invasion.

It is similar to you taking vitamin C regularly to boost your own immune system. When the winter weather approaches and your plant is facing severe conditions, every part of the plant is stronger and has a better chance to withstand these conditions.

Enhanced Root Growth

Since they are at the core of every plant and their survival, the root system needs to be established and strong. The more roots on a plant, the stronger the root system. By using bone meal full of phosphorus, you are giving your plants the chance to establish these strong root systems that will help them with survival and completion among unwanted plants and weeds attempting to take nutrients.

When the root system webs out and moves deeper, the plants have access to more nutrients naturally which will continue to boost their survival.

Increased Flowering Production

Whether it is an ornamental flower or vegetable plant, there is an increase in production and what is grown. The phosphorus, especially from bone meal, improves the formation so that the plants can focus on their main job of flowering and growth, and reproduction. This is reflected with seeds, as well. In these flowers and vegetables, there are more seeds than if phosphorus was not added to the plant.

pink flower

Hobby farmers keep the bone meal on hand to add to their gardens each year, especially if they are using this garden for family sustainability.

Delayed Nutrient Release

One good thing about bone meal specifically is that when it is mixed in with the soil, it does not release all of the nutrients at once. With a delayed-release, you do not have to fertilize as often, and your plants have access to the nutrients they need during periods when nutrients may be scarce. In some cases, this could be the reason for survival where competition is high and the environment is becoming a bit harsh.

Have You Added Bone Meal to Your Fertilizer?

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of bone meal, you need to make sure you have bone meal or other organic matter added to your nutrients.

Please note: When you apply this to your garden, make sure that you are paying close attention to the doses and apply it as necessary to keep from overloading your plants. Without phosphorus in your soil, your plants will not be able to produce as they should and their survival may be impacted.