12 Perfect Plants for Walkways

blooming flower walkway
We can often spend a great deal of time selecting and tending to plants for our gardens. But, a commonly overlooked area happens to be the walkways that lead to them. Walkways are the stepping stone to full-blown gardening and deserve as much attention as gardens do.

There is a range of plants best suited for walkways and choosing them depends on various factors. The type of pavement or stone used for your walkway has an effect on their growth and should be taken into consideration.

Soil drainage will also affect which plants are best suited for your walkway. The amount of sunlight required for each plant should also be taken into consideration. This way, you can place them in an area where they’ll flourish.

You should also take into consideration the amount of foot traffic your walkway receives. That way, your plants will remain unscathed during times of heavy traffic.

Despite the effort that goes into the process, these plants are beautiful and often require little maintenance. Aside from that, they can also breathe life into an otherwise drab walkway.

From Silver Mound to Daylilies, there are 12 plants for walkways listed below that will add character to both your home and garden.

1. Astilbes

Astilbes are good walkway plants. They are perennials and bloom best in the summertime. The best location to plant is in full sun, or light shade location, with slightly moist soil. They have a feathery plumed flower and stand tall. They range from a few inches to several feet tall. They come in a variety of colors such as cream, white, red, pink, and purple. Choosing this beauty in your walkway this summer will have your garden blooming most of the summer.

2. Big blue lilyturf

Big blue lilyturf also called Liriope is also a good choice to plant in a walkway. They are a bulb type plant and bloom best in the late summer to fall. It is a tuberous plant that grows in tight clumps and grows anywhere from 12-20 inches tall. The flower that blooms from this plant is white or lavender. The plant leaves are green with a yellow margin going down the length of the plant leaves. What’s great about choosing this particular plant for your walkway is that you can plant it in a sunny or shady area.

3. Cranesbills

Cranesbills are a beautiful touch to any pathway. They are perennials that bloom best in summer. It is best to plant them in an area with full sun, or light shade. This plant grows in mounds of green foliage up to 2 feet in diameter with small cup-shaped blossoms. They come in a variety of beautiful colors to brighten anyone’s day including pink, lavender, blue, white, or purple.

4. Daylilies

Daylilies will brighten up your walkway with it’s yellow or orange like the lily. They are perennials that bloom best in the summer and fall. This beauty needs full sun but can tolerate afternoon shade. The flower on this plant last only one day most of the time, they open in the morning and fade at dusk. A few will bloom again a second day. However, most plants produce many buds and will stay in bloom for several weeks. The flower size varies from 3-4 ½ inches in diameter, and the plant size can be from 1-3 feet tall. For more tips, here is a tip guide I wrote on Daylilies!

5. Heart-leaved Bergenia

Heart-leaved Bergenia

Heart-leaved bergenia is a perennial type plant, which blooms in early Spring. The flower that blooms is a red-purple flower on a red stem measuring anywhere from 12-18 inches tall. They have an attractive glossy green leaf extending about a foot in width. It is best to plant in an area with full sun exposure with afternoon shade.

6. Hostas

Hostas in walkway

Hostas are a lovely addition if you want green beautiful foliage. These are perennials that grow best in a lightly shaded area with rich, moist soil. They produce a blue, white, or lavender fragrant filled bloom on a tall stalk. This is a low-maintenance plant, that easily thrives in areas most plants might not.

7. King Edward Yarrow

King Edward Yarrow is a plant that most often thrives in dry soil and in full sun. It will best bloom in summer and is a perennial type plant. It has fragrant foliage with rosy pink flowers that can reach about 2 feet tall.

8. Lavender

Any garden with the relaxing fragrance of lavender is as close to an oasis as one can get. It’s best bloom time is mid-Summer and is a perennial type of plant. It grows best in full sun areas. It’s blue-violet flowers grow about 3 feet tall.

9. Pansies and Violets

Pansies and Violets are an excellent choice to use in a walkway as they are Annual, biennial or Perennial type plants that bloom from Spring through Fall. They will bloom in either sun filled or shady areas. They bloom in patches of white, purple, or yellow flowers. They are dainty, pretty flowers that last a long time blooming and are a beautiful sight to see bunched up.

10. Rock Cress

Rock Cresses

Rock cress is a perfect Springtime perennial to have in your garden. It will do best in a sun-filled area. This plant’s bloom is white to purple flowers that normally grow in bunches that cover the green foliage.

11. Sea Thrift

Sea thrift is great for a rocky walkway garden. They are perennials that bloom best in late Spring to Summer in sunny areas. These plants produce green grass-like clumps in your garden. They will bloom in either white, red, or pink flowers and can reach about 8 inches tall.

12. Silvermound

Silvermound is feathery like bloom which is used mostly for foliage. This perennial grows best in full sun. It grows in mounds of silky, bushy beautiful silvery foliage. It can range from 12-18 inches tall.