17 Amazing Fall Craft Ideas You’ll LOVE


Fall is my favorite time of the year! The leaves are changing and the temperatures are cooling. You can spend your weekends with your family winding your way through corn mazes, or “haunted” corn mazes, or you can choose the perfect pumpkin at a pumpkin patch. There are also haunted house and costume parties to celebrate the season. Then there is the food! Needless to say, there are a lot of us who can’t wait for Fall every year.

My favorite part of fall has to be the crafts, decorations, fall wreaths, and colors of Autumn. I love to get my home ready for trick-or-treaters and Thanksgiving guests. For me, it isn’t Fall until the corn stalks are cut, bundled into fodder shocks, and adorned with ribbon, corn and small gourds. Whether you place them near mailboxes or use them as part of a display by the front door with a small hay bail and pumpkins, fodder shocks are a great way to decorate your home.

If you are like me and are ready to welcome the season and decorate around your home, you are more than a little excited about fall crafts. The beauty of fall crafting is that you can decorate with things you can find in your yard and garden. Don’t worry if your yard doesn’t have what you need, your local craft store will be fully stocked with fall craft supplies.

The following is a list of 20 fall craft ideas to get you and your home ready for the season. I honestly don’t have a favorite among these. All of the crafts listed here are so cute and simple, that it will make you want to make one of each and will keep you craft through the season!

1. Jack O’Lantern Planters


Source: Drab to Fab

This craft is inexpensive, easy, and makes big impact for your fall display. These adorable planters are made from plastic jack o’lantern candy pails painted with Rustoleum hammered metal spray paint. Drill holes in the bottom of the pails and plant mums in them and you are done.

2. Clay Pot Scarecrow

Source: Hobby Lobby

This little guy would be cute on your front porch, stairs, or seated on a small bail of hay with your fall decorations. Burlap, hay, jute twine, terracotta pots,and a little paint are all you need to whip this craft together.

3. Fodder Shock Bundles

Source: Iowa Gardener

Fodder shocks are a traditional fall display. Dried corn stalks, or fodder shocks, are gathered and tied together in bundles and are used to enhance any fall display. These are an inexpensive way to make your display stand out.

4. Fall Letters Wreath

Source: Sand and Sisal

This artist takes a different spin on a traditional fall wreath. She used Modge Podge and craft paper to decorate the letters and hang using a coordinating ribbon. 3M hooks were used to hang the letters from and not damage the door.

5. Pumpkin Pail Vertical Planter

Source: Birds and Bloom

If you are short on space to decorate, this vertical planter is perfect. Start with a sturdy base, fill it with dirt or sand, and place a dowel rod or other stake in the center. Drill holes diagonally in the pumpkin pails, then stack your pumpkins and plant your flowers.

6. Painted Acorns

Source: Home Stories A to Z

Acorns are everywhere in the fall and make an easy and awesome decoration in clear containers. After baking or freezing acorns to kill insects, paint them with on coat of acrylic paint and fill a glass vase with them.

7. Autumn Wind Chimes

Source: The Benson Street

These wind chimes are a great craft for kids. Painted wood beads, pine cones, and other fall-themed items can be threaded on strands of jute twine. This craft is a great way to get your kids involved in decorating for the season!

8. Decoupage Pumpkins

Source: The Sweet Escape

Do you hate how pumpkins only last a day or so after spending so much time carving them? If you decorate with pumpkins, paint is a better way to make them last. This craft offers a spin on painting pumpkins. After painting the pumpkin, apply autumn leaves. Easy and so simple!

9. Rolled Paper Pumpkins

Source: Domestically Blissful

You can find these paper in a craft store, but they are so easy and fun to make, why not make them yourself? When you make your own, you have the option to add your own embellishments and make truly unique versions.

10. Fall Leaf Garland

Source: Womans Day

This garland is perfect for decorating your entryway or your door for the fall. Silk leaves also help it last for years, indoor or outdoors. Just use hot glue to glue the leaves to a ribbon and voila, you have a festive fall garland!

11. Mason Jar Vases

Source: Crafting In the Rain

If you have leftover mason canning jars, or just buy a few at the craft store, you can make these great vases for fall flowers. Paint them white, add some burlap and there you have it. They make a beautiful centerpiece or decoration for your entryway.

12. Fall Spice Air Freshener

Source: Shaken Together

If you love the smell of cinnamon and spices, why not make an air freshener that releases that warm aromas into your home? This craft uses water absorbing polymers to soak up essential oils and then release them in the air. Decorate the jar with a little jute and a cinnamon stick.

13. Fall Basket Centerpiece

Source: Better Homes

It is easy to make this gorgeous centerpiece using baskets and floral foam. Arrange autumn flowers around the basket’s edge and leave room for a candle in a glass holder on top. This will be a great decoration near your food during your fall family gatherings.

14. Wood Slice Pumpkins

Source: Thistle Wood Farms

This is another fall craft that your kids can enjoy crafting with you. All you have to do is paint the inside of wood slices orange with acrylic paint, glue a stick to the top, and cut a leaf from burlap and glue it near the stick.

15. Corn Husk Mason Jar Vase

Source: Garden Therapy

This cute and simple autumn vase made using a mason jar. This time, corn shucks are taped to the glass and wrapped around the jar and secured with some jute twine. Before company, cut a few mums in your garden and place them in the jar with water.

16. Painted Pine Cones

Source: Whimzeecal

These pine cones are another great decor idea that older kids can get involved in making. Use some acrylic pain and angled foam brushes to pain the tips of the cone from the base up.

17. Repurposed Pumpkins

Source: Remodelando la Casa

Plastic pumpkins were repurposed for this craft. The artist wrapped the pumpkins with plastic cling wrap and applied fabric to the pumpkin using Modge Podge. The fabric was cut in strips or cut around patterns in the fabric.