15 Fabulous Fall Wreath Ideas


Nothing is better than feeling the fresh, crisp air of fall after a long, hot summer. Well, nothing except maybe decorating for fall! We have cataloged fifteen amazing decorative fall wreaths to get your home dressed for the occasion of welcoming this wonderful season. You will see wreaths for every taste and style that will show visitors to your home that you are excited to welcome the autumn season. Each wreath has its own unique feel, which may make it difficult to pick a favorite. There are many wreaths adorned with owls, numerous wreaths with fall colored leaves, and several more wreaths created from grapevines, to give your home that personal, autumn and earthy touch.

My personal favorite is the Frolic in the Woods Wreath. It is simple, yet elegant and filled with all of my favorite plants. There is even one wreath below that could be used for fall and winter seasons, the Peck of Pine Cones Wreath. While the Frolic in the Woods Wreath is my favorite and the one that I will be lovingly hanging on my front door this season, it may not be your taste. That is why we have included fifteen different wreaths with all types of variations so that you can choose the décor that best suits your home’s personality. Have a look below to see which wreath you will choose for your home autumn décor this year. And if you can’t choose just one, I’m sure that you can find many places in your home to display as many as you like!

1. Bunched Burlap Wreath with Floral Accents


Source: Crafts By Amanda

A natural toned, bunched burlap wreath accented with a quaint lace bow and beautiful fall flowers, roses, carnations, a sunflower and baby’s breath. This wreath is a beautiful combination that reminds me of the countryside.

2. Owl in the Forest Wreath

Source: AdorabellaWreaths – Etsy

This is an earthy, inviting wreath that lovingly captures an owl in his native habitat. This wreath starts with a grapevine frame and a majestic owl perched on mushroom pads. It is amazingly accentuated with fabulous greenery, a burlap floral bouquet, and accent mushrooms.

3. An Owl among the Lilies

Source: Subjects Chosen at Random

A beautiful floral wreath adorned with some of Fall’s most fabulous colors. Here a small owl perches on a spray of green tinted lilies, sunflowers, and rich multi-colored mums wrapped in a regal burgundy bow.

4. Baby Owl in his Fall Nest

Source: Bam Bam Wreaths

This gorgeous wreath features a small, fluffy owl that is too cute for words. He is safely nestled among a bright array of striking orange, yellow, and red fall flowers topped with a just as adorable plaid bow

5. Fall Harvest Wreath

Source: Artsy Chicks Rule

This wreath is an elegant and stunning splay of all things fall. It features an array of rich, autumn vegetation on a grapevine frame. It is accented by carefully arranged pumpkins, pine cones, and orange slices.

7. Autumn Forest Floor Wreath

This is a stunning, earth tone wreath that takes you on a walk through the pumpkin patch. It is an amazing spray of pine needles, fall foliage, berries, and vibrant fall leaves accented with gourds and pumpkins.

8. Happy Fall Wreath

A vivid floral wreath surrounding a country “happy fall” sign. Accented with fall grass, this incredible wreath is packed full of fabulous fall colored flowers from mums to sunflowers and more.

10. Peck of Pine Cones Wreath

Source: Keep Calm and Decorate

This wreath is a simple, multi-seasonal wreath made entirely of beautiful, natural pine cones. This wreath would be a perfect accent to your home in the crisp air of fall or the frosty chill of winter.

11. Berry Floral Monogram Wreath

Source: Love and Zest

A stunning fall wreath that encompasses amazing fall colors on a grapevine frame. This wreath is displayed with vibrant hydrangeas, beautiful berries, and a monogram accent in bright white.

12. Nature’s Garden Wreath

Source: The Cottage Mama

This fabulous wreath is alive with all the flowers, leaves and vegetables of fall. It is plush with natural toned pumpkins, white sunflowers, green pine needles, and other fitting fall accents.

13. The Great Pumpkin Wreath

Source: Sew Can Do

A bright and cheerful wreath that displays pumpkins over a bed of grape vines and vivid fall maple leaves. This wreath is a great portrayal of the peacefulness of fall.

14. Sprays of Sunflower Wreath

Source: Sweet Something Design

A charming fall vegetation wreath accented with a large yellow plaid bow and bright yellow sunflowers on a ring of grape vines. This is a wreath that could be happily displayed all year round!