DIY Clay Flower Pot People for Your Garden

These are SOOOOOOOOO cute! You can build these yourself and place them anywhere in your garden, put them on your deck, next to the BBQ, near the pool, in the front porch, they’ll look great anywhere!

My kids LOVE these, this weekend we are off to the supply store to pick up some supplies and start crafting some of these. My kids like the funny ones, you can get as creative as you want! We plan on making a funny family (mom, dad, brother and sister.)

Building these is not that hard. I gathered up some photos and tutorials below… If any of you guys build any of these, send me your photos so we can share them here with the group.

TIP: Some of our users wanted to know where to get the hands and feet.

Here are some ideas below;

  • Use old plastic doll hands and feet
  • Try Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or Joan fabrics for hands and feet
  • Thrift stores might have some old dolls you can use
  • Walmart has shoes and accessories for life-size dolls that you can use for these.
  • If you are making a large-size one, you can use toddler shoes and gloves for the hands.

You have the entire family here, with dad wearing the funky tie, and mom with her headband holding younger brother. Brother and sister with the cool shoes. Looks so Cool! Make your own family!


These are just adorable! If you are going to make these small, use an old dolls hands and feet.


Flower pot character with the cool shades and cool gloves!


The accessories on these are adorable! You can opt to make these with no legs and they still look cute!


Snowman flower pot trio! Great for the holidays, you can put these indoor or outdoor.


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