10 Purple Flowering Vines You’ll LOVE


Are you searching for an effective way to add an elegant and romantic aesthetic to your garden and home? If so, you should consider planting purple flowering vines.

Not only are these plants beautiful, but most are easy to care for, too.

If you want to create a vertical garden or just add some interest to a garden wall, purple flower vines and creepers are definitely a good addition to the space. They will add interest and space in areas where other plants can’t and won’t grow.

Our top picks can be found here.

1. Purple Clematis Vine


Clematis is a type of climbing vine that produces star-shaped double or single flowers. Since it is a fast-growing climber, you can count on clematis to quickly scale poles, arbors, and walls.

Purple clematis vine flowers grow different shades of purple flowers, ranging from deep purple to light lilac.

The flowers produced can also be smaller with a dangling bell-shaped bloom or larger with multi-colored petals.

Clematis vines grow to about 10 feet tall and will thrive in partial shade or full sun. It is a vigorous vine and will cling to any structure using tendrils.

2. Bougainvillea


The bougainvillea vine produces some of the most vivid and vibrant flowers in the entire plant world.

It is a woody, dense vine that grows into large masses of oranges, golds, reds, pinks, and (yes, of course) purples that can be seen from spring to fall.

While bougainvillea is a tropical plant, it can grow in almost any warm climate. For cooler climates, you can grow it as an annual.

This vine can grow up to 40 feet high and be more than 10 feet wide. Some varieties grow with sharp, long thorns.

3. Morning Glory


The morning glory comes in almost any color you can imagine. However, the purple ones really stand out from the crowd.

The flowers grow quickly on matching, fast-growing vines.

Alone, the vines can spread more than 10 feet. It is best to plant morning glories in temperate and subtropical regions of the U.S.

4. Purple Vining Roses


Vining roses are a type of climbing plant with a long and woody stem you can train to climb. The purple flowers will bloom all summer long, helping to add beautiful pops of color to your garden.

Climbing purple roses are ideal for growing over gate entrances and arbors to help beautify your garden.

If you want to encourage the roses to climb, be sure to support the arching canes as they continue growing. The stretching canes or stems can reach 10 feet tall.

5. Wisteria


Wisteria is a great way to enhance the look of a plain wood fence or pergola. This vine produces pale purple, fragrant flowers that grow in drooping clusters.

The foliage is dense and stays a light green during the summer but turns a brighter yellow in the fall. The plant can spread as much as 30 feet tall and wind. Some of the species of wisteria are considered invasive, so be sure to check the local restrictions before you plant it.

6. Passion Vine

Passion Vine

The passion vine or passionflower features purple petals and white segments.

The flower looks exotic, and it grows best in a tropical climate. You can expect blooms to stick around from May to September each year.

7. Purple Hyacinth Bean Vine


The purple hyacinth bean vine is an annual that grows purplish leaves, purple flowers, showy purple seeds, and dark stems. The hyacinth flower looks like a purple sweet pea when it is in full bloom and is followed by a glossy purple seed pod.

The vining plant grows quickly and easily covers pergolas, walls, and chain fences to create beautiful flowering canopies.

The vines can grow to be 10 to 20 feet tall if you provide the trailing with plenty of support. They grow best in full sun and soil that drains well, and that is kept moist.

8. Blue Sky Vine


The blue sky vine is a distant relative to the black-eyed Susan vine. It is known for producing cuplike flowers that are rather large in size.

While the flowers are usually blue, some cultivators will produce flowers that are closer to purple than blue.

The plant is also called the Bengal click vine and can grow over 20 feet in a single growing season.

9. Lavender Trumpet Vine


The trumpet vine grows large, trumpet flowers that are white and light lavender in color. The vine also has ovate-shaped, glossy green leaves that contrast nicely with the light purple flowers.

The evergreen vine can grow into a beautiful flowering privacy screen. Since trumpet vines climb in nature, they can easily cover trellises, chain fences, and railings.

It is a fast-growing tropical plant and will thrive in tropical, hot climates.

10. Mandevilla


The Mandevilla is a tropical, vining plant that grows large, funnel-shaped flowers that will bloom in several colors, including purple.

It is a climbing plant that is ideal for growing up and over fences, trellises, and pergolas. The vine will continuously bloom through the season and grow well in evergreen hedges or as privacy screens.

Since Mandevilla is a tropical climbing vine, it will grow as an annual in cooler regions. It is possible to plant this vine as a border or in a garden bed if it is in full sun. You can also plant it in a hanging basket to have the pretty purple flowers inside.

Creating the Beautiful Landscape and Garden Space You Want

Purple is typically associated with royalty and elegance. If you want to add this to your outdoor area, then any of the flowering vines mentioned here are great options to consider.

Each of these can add that pop of purple you want and are looking for. Just make sure you choose a vine that will grow well where you live. To do this, you must consider the climate and the type of soil you have. Being informed and knowing your options will help you choose the best one.